Friday, July 19, 2013

We Love the Circus!

Oh man, we love the circus!

I have such great memories of going to the circus when I was little. Every single year we would go. It was always so much fun. I remember one year when I was in high school, my boyfriend and I went. We both got picked to go down to the center ring and be part of the clown act. It was hilarious (and we made the newspaper!).

I was so excited to take Jay (and Charley but she was only 5 months old) last year for the first time. Especially since he loves elephants!

Fast forward a year and the kid still LOVES elephants! So we loaded up- Jay, Charley, me, my mom, Jennifer, and Jill. We got seats on the middle ring on the second row- and these seats did NOT disappoint! It was worth every penny to watch the kids' faces and feel like we were really part of the show!

Not to mention- we lost circus elphy about 6 weeks ago. We have no idea where he went, but he just vanished. So we were READY to get a new one today! We got a big one (like the one we previously had) for Jay and a small one for Charley. Well, a certain someone decided he wanted a small one, too, and as grandmothers do, my mom got it for him. Kid was in HEAVEN. We got it right before the show started- right after we walked around on the floor watching the elephants and tigers and lions. Well, as soon as we got it, Jay said, "Ok, wet's go home, Mommy. I ready to go pway with my new elphies." Ha!

This year's group minus me! 

My guy!

So so happy! 
And look at his shirt! Perfect!

You mean I can really have TWO?!

So happy she finally gets one of her very own- and her own size!

 Jill volunteered to participate in the pre-show!

Waiting... We're not very good waiters! :)

He ended up loving the show and watched the majority of it. And the parts he thought were boring? Well, he played with his new toys! :)

I wasn't going to take Charley this year. She's my squirmy one and since she isn't quite as obsessed with animals/elephants as Jay, I thought that wrestling her for three hours didn't really sound all that fun to me. Well, after date night last weekend (babysitter) and VBS every night this week (no mommy time at night), I just couldn't leave her again. So we loaded her up, too. Surprisingly, she did better than Jay. Other than a squirmy ten minutes at the very end of the first act, she did so well. She watched the ENTIRE show (and shoveled popcorn). She loved the acrobats and clowns, and all the trickery that went on. She clapped and waved, "Hi peepow (people)!" the whole time. She definitely loved being there. She also fell asleep RIGHT before the elephants had their big part, and slept on my mom for about 20 minutes.

I can't wait to go next year! So fun!

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Jason and Jenny said...

So fun! I loved going as a kid too! Sad we missed it this year!