Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I can't believe I haven't posted on this yet!

Jay had his FIRST Vacation Bible School this month!

I can't believe he's already that old!

I have the absolute best and most wonderful memories of Vacation Bible School at Memorial growing up. It was always such a blast to sing and laugh and learn about Jesus. They always had a hilarious puppet show and the teachers and people who volunteered were truly amazing.

Now it was Jay's turn!

My best friend, Courtney and I signed up to coteach the 2's class since our boys are both in there. Let me just tell you- teaching 2's is like herding cats! Mass chaos. Courtney and I have taught the 3's and 4's together, so we figured we could do this. And you know what? I think it was our best year yet! It was a GREAT group of (13!) 2 year olds. We had wonderful helpers in there and the kids honestly were fantastic.

This year's theme was Paul: Growing a Christian Network. It was all about how Paul was in the dark about Jesus for so long and then God showed him the light. His journey, some of his trials, and of course his teachings. Paul is such an incredible person with an amazing story- I love learning about him! It's a lot to cram into four days and especially tough to "dummy down" some of the info (stoning of Stephen!), but we made it work and the kids actually remembered a lot of it! Ha!

The first night we got there and checked in and loaded into the pews. Jay just stood there with his buddies and he seemed SO big all of a sudden. I was SO glad I was there to witness it. He didn't even need me around- which was probably the greatest feeling I have ever had as a mom! He was so confident and independent and it made me SO insanely happy! He just sang the songs with his friends and danced and acted silly- just like he was supposed to. I loved watching him!

I seriously got a little teary eyed that first night watching him- such a sweet and special moment.

Meanwhile Anthony was at home with little miss. Our VBS is at night so that working moms and working parents can come and be involved, too. It's such a great thing, but it didn't start until 7 pm M-W! That was a LATE night for these little guys. So we kept Charley at home with her daddy (2 is the first year they are in class- if they are younger than that they go to the nursery) and let her get some good nights of sleep. Can't wait until it's her turn next year!

(BFFs Wyatt and Jay. Good thing their moms are BFFs too!)

Norah, Wyatt, and Jay... I think these three will have LOTS of memories together!
They will all be in the same grade (Norah is 3 weeks younger than Jay and 3 weeks older than Wyatt) at the same school!
Jay and Wyatt also LOVE competing for her attention! Ha!

Cousin Jake was the helper in the next room!


Chatting with Mr. Mike- the youth minister!


Praying. Sweetest. 

In Paul's boat!

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