Monday, July 22, 2013

The Move

So we've officially moved Charley into her big girl room!

You think I'm crazy? That's ok. I probably would, too, if I wasn't me. But we moved Jay to his new room at just before 17 months and he ended up becoming an amazing sleeper once we made the move. So we figured since Charley wasn't a pro-sleeper anyway, what difference did it make?!

We made the move almost two weeks ago (now almost four weeks ago... I have had this post half-written forever! Oops!). The first two or three nights she woke up once and cried out for me. I went to her and put her back down (it's a queen sized bed). After those initial nights, she has slept through the night (and might I add- is doing better than she EVER did in her crib!!!). Her naps are great- she's just really rocking it!

One of the things I was worried about was putting her to sleep. Anthony and I have made the choice to stay with our kids until they fall asleep. Yes, sometimes it's a lot for us, but our kids have become great sleepers because of it. We could argue and look at research until we are blue in the face, but this is our choice and it's working out great for us- so no comments please :)

Anyway, we used to rock her to sleep either breastfeeding her or bottle feeding her- it was SO easy. Like, so easy. Then we took the bottle away and were worried about that transition. No worries- it was a great transition! Then, once we got her in the big bed, I was worried about how she would fall asleep. We lay next to her (not both at the same time- one is with Jay!). The first week she would twist and turn and sit up and try to get out of bed (she only tried to get out a few times). She loved her new room so she would point to things and say "Nigh nigh" to her things on the walls and new decorations. Once she got over that, it's gotten SO much easier! She goes down for naps and nighttime so well! We are definitely blessed!

Anyway, I'm so pleased with how her room has turned out. We didn't want to paint the walls, but I really did want a lot of purples, pinks, and turquoises! So I tried to get as much color in there as I could otherwise! I love her new room- and so does she! :) I also promised Anthony I wouldn't spend a ton of money. We used the bed and furniture that was already in there and just got new bedding (I stalked it until it was on sale at PBKids!), and just a FEW accents that we didn't already have!

So here are a few before/after pics of the room... We moved her before we had anything ready for her room (haha who does that?!). So I put the bedrails on the bed in the before pictures (and she slept like that for two nights before I did rearranging). Did I mention I moved every piece of furniture ALL BY MYSELF? These are things I LOVE to do while Anthony is at work- he doesn't love this kind of stuff, so he just appreciates the end result! :)

I swear our room isn't that yellow! Ack! iPhone pics!
But yes, nothing fancy... 

The new set-up!

Hello self! 

(Repurposed chalkboards from Michelle's wedding, then Charley's birthday party, and now her room!)

My crafting!

I promise the pictures just don't do it justice! It's super cute and colorful (and not yellow!) in pictures!

Fingers crossed that she continues to do well! Jay LOVES showing it off to people! It's so cute! "Wanna come see Char's/Charwey Kate's new room?" He's so proud! :)


Meagan said...

So funny!!! Preslie has similar bedding from PB Teen and soooo has the exact "Jesus Loves Me" sign! :)

the blogivers said...

Yay for a great transition AND a cute room! Good work!

Christina said...

Love that little bench! I recognize a lot of that's like CK is in your college room, haha!

Emily said...

Super cute!!

Maggie Coleman said...

I am obsessed with her bedding!! I actually just ordered new bedding from PBTEEN!! Wish I would have texted you to see where hers was from so I could have gotten it. Maybe next time!! I can vouch for you that it looks AWESOME!!!!!! Xoxoxox

Sarah said...

Way to go! I love her room and so happy she is doing so well in it!