Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pappy Boot Camp

We are now finished with Day 3 of Pappy Boot Camp. 

On a whim on Monday, I decided pacifiers were only going to be for sleeping for Jay. He is almost three, and I knew we were going to need to kick the habit at some point in the near future. 

I have been building it up all summer that "soon" we would be getting rid of the pappies because "he's a big boy and big boys totally don't need pappies." He's the kind of kid that absolutely responds to explanation and reasoning. He knew something was coming, but I wasn't sure when. 

And in all honesty I was scared to death to pull the trigger. Two reasons- one, I didn't want to deal with the battles, the tears, the asking all day and two, he was going to take it VERY personally. 

I was so stressed about it I was getting ulcers. I prayed about it and just asked God to let me know when the time was right (preferably on a long weekend when Anthony would be around to help). 

So Monday morning rolls around and both kids had ditched their pacifiers for the moment. We got in the car to run errands and then head to the dentist, and Jay asked for his. I just told him that they were now only for naps and night time- sleeping only. This was a route I hadn't wanted to take, and one I certainly hadn't discussed with Jay (or Anthony). 

He argued a bit and asked why, but I just kept answering the same then distracted him. 

We got to Jay's dentist appointment and he confirmed what I figured to be true- his teeth were shifting more from the pacifier. I told him my random plan that I had come up with that morning and he seemed pleased. Then he said no more pacifiers by 3.5. I could do that, I thought! 

On the way home from the dentist I explained to Jay what the dentist said about no more pappies during the day. He seemed to accept it for the time being. 

By this point Charley hadn't had one all day either and hadn't even asked for one. She wasn't part of my plan, though. 

Once we got home I scooped up all the pacifiers and hid them (too well apparently because that night for bed I totally forgot where I had put them). We had company over and made a big deal about how we only had them for sleeping and wasn't that so exciting, etc! 

Jay was so happy to have his at nap time- it was a little sad. 

After naps I warned Jay that I was going to take it- I would give him some juice and we could trade. That's when it hit him. He just cried and cried. "Why mommy? Why I can't hab it? Oh pwease, Mommy. Pwease can I hab it?" He was begging and pleading and it broke my heart. I just kept saying that I was so sorry and finally distracted him enough with something else (food, toys, iPad? I can't remember). Once Charley was distracted I snagged hers too only so that it wasn't so cruel to Jay. 

That afternoon went fine- he just asked for it ten times- but he didn't have any more meltdowns. I decided around 6 that Charley was now part of boot camp, too. She had done fine this way all day and I was ready to tackle both now! 

Tuesday was much of the same (if not the exact same). The best part was when Jay would come up at odd hours (9 am, 4:30 pm) and say, "Mommy. I ready to go to sweep now. I get my pappy and take it to my bed?" Sweet thing. He learned the game. Smart little cookie. My very favorite story from this day was when we left Chick fil A after lunch. I had a feeling the kids would fall asleep on the way home- and I wanted them to. So Jay said, "Mommy, I will fall asweep  in the car. Can I have my pappy pwease?" And knowing that he would, I gave it to him but reminded him he had to sleep. Well, that little sweet angel kept his eyes squinched shut the ENTIRE ride home- until he actually fell asleep. Love. Him. 

That brings us to today. By far the easiest so far for Jay. He's definitely grasped the concept by now. Today was the hardest for Charley. She definitely asked for it throughout the day today- and she just doesn't QUITE get the sleeping only part. 

My favorite part of today was when I was on the phone with Anthony this morning. Jay walked up and yelled (in his meanest voice), "I want my pappy! Give it to me mom! Why you take my pappy?!" I mean, he was fierce! Anthony and I were dying laughing. He was like a crack addict going through withdrawals. I also compared it to the stages of grief. Sadness, blame, anger, etc... Hilarious. 

We will see what tomorrow has in store, but so far so good. I am planning on this for a bit then just drop it totally when I get the nerve. No rush- this is good enough for me now! 


the blogivers said...

Good work, Mama! I wish someone had put me through thumb-sucking boot camp as a child (I sucked my thumb until I was THIRTEEN), so just keep telling yourself you are doing them a favor ;)

The Callegaris said...

Oh my, this story is so familiar. I decided to potty train Drew on a whim (also on a Monday morning.... is it something about the new week?), then I decided if my life was going to suck anyway, I was going to take Ellie's pacifier away. We are pacifier-free and 95% potty trained (when he wants to be- grrr), so it was worth it, but it was a rough week! Congrats on progress so far!

The Joiners said...

I know this must be tough but it sure is funny to read about- good luck with "rehab!"

Emily said...

Totally agree with Allison!! I'm sure my parents would have loved to chop off my index finger!! It cost them a fortune in orthodontic work!! Stick with the plan... Sounds like it's working!!!

Paci-training & potty-training (our current situation)... just gotta GO for it at some point!!

Sarah said...

Way to go! It's one of those "chores" as a mom that sucks...but man, once it's over, it's done. Thank goodness. I still feel sad when I think about it with Carter. Not easy. Way to go mom!!