Friday, July 26, 2013

Cross Dressing Lady

So Charley Kate is in a phase right now where she wants to do/be/copy all things Jay. She loves her big brother (and loves to fight with him) so much. She just wants to be around him and do what he's doing all the time. Jay likes elephants? Charley likes elephants. Jay runs around crazy and yelling? Charley runs around crazy and yelling.

And the newest obsession- wearing Jay's clothes. She's obsessed.

It started with just wanting to wear his big boy underwear. She really prefers to wear them all the time (with nothing on under), but we finally convinced her to let us put a diaper on her first (most of the time). In fact, she was wearing just his underwear in Austin when we went to visit a few weeks ago. Last minute we decided to stop for dinner on the way out of town, and all we had was a cutesy little tunic (definitely too short to be a dress) to put on with the underwear of Jay's she was already wearing. So we went into this restaurant with dinosaur underwear and a pink/purple top. At least Austin is weird and she seemed to fit right in ;)

Anyway, she now requests Jay's shirts (100% of the time) and Jay's shorts (50% of the time) when she goes to bed. I think it's adorable that she wants to wear his clothes (and the perfect time, too. What girl doesn't love to wear her hubby's oversized shirts to bed?!).

But she looks like a little boy/homeboy/skater dude/cross dresser! It's precious and Jay now helps pick out what clothes he wants her to wear!

Jay's Shirt

At least she still rocks it with heels and a purse!

Jay's monkey underwear! 

I must say, girlfriend can still rock a cute little dress or girly outfit likes it's no one's business  :)


Emily said...

Too cute!!!

So did I just get carried away on Zulily today for no reason?!?! :-)

Leah said...

That is hilarious!! :) They sound like Henry and Sam, but I am glad that Sam hasn't figured out the undies just yet.

GranDeb said...

Those pictures are crazy adorable!!!

Sarah said...

Such a cutie!!