Tuesday, June 18, 2013


A few months ago, I discovered a wonderful little thing called Greenling. They tout themselves as a "Farmers Market at Your Door."

There's the box! At my door! 

Over the past six months I have really made a conscious effort to better and cleaner. While I still enjoy the occasional fast food meal, take-out dinners, and my beloved Mexican food (I can't ever give that one up), our dinners at home have really started to look different. 

Out are the boxed, canned, processed foods. In are the fresh ingredients. About a tenth the number of carbs are served. Our meats and eggs are antibiotic, free range and grass/grain fed. The milk has gone from regular 1% to almond or organic. The creams are all replaced by greek yogurt. And the amount of veggies and fruits we consume has probably more than quadrupled. 

Needless to say, we've made some great changes. Not only are we feeling better, but it has contributed to a 12 pound weightloss for me- something that my workouts alone weren't helping with. 

We have LOVED this change!

Now, don't get me wrong. You will still see me munching on pretzles/goldfish/Pirate's Booty with the kids. I will still eat a PB&J (natural and sometimes it's almond butter) and Cheetos (!!) for lunch. We get kolaches every Sunday together before church (our little family ritual) and Mexican food every Friday night. I'm not saying we are perfect, but the big meals we are eating and the snacks we are consuming have definitely changed. 

So I was excited when my sister and my neighbor told me about Greenling. 

They can send you a "local box" as often as you'd like with a random assortment of fresh fruits and veggies. Which is awesome- but I don't always know what to do with some of the stuff (you can find anything on Pinterest, though!!). 

But what is even more appealing is the ready-made meal kits! OMG. Talk about a lifesaver!!! 

They send you a "kit" of food/seasonings for a meal. The instructions are laid out and it's quite possibly the easiest thing I've ever cooked in my life! For real! 

Tonight we had the potatoes/sausage/green hash. They sent two potatoes to dice up, four sausages to cut up, some greens to chop, and already chopped garlic and onions. Then they give you instructions and it takes around 20 minutes of hands on time to prepare. Beauty. And the best part- it was only like $15 to feed 2-4 people (and it fed 4 adults and 2 teeny kid portions). It's a healthy, local, organic meal and it's easy AND delivered to your doorstep

I just wanted to tell y'all about this in case you hadn't heard of it. It's awesome you guys. You should totally go and see if they deliver to your zip code. Cause if they do- you can get a free first box and try it out. I get nothing from this (no perks for having people sign up), but I just think it's that awesome to tell everyone about it! 


The Torno's said...

Thanks! Sounds right up my alley :)

Sarah said...

AWESOME!! That is a great idea!!

Lilianarenee said...

Don't deliver to me yet :/
But I would be very interested.
Sounds like such an easy way to eat better and try some new things.