Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two Sweet Spots

Two notables lately...

-Charley and I have a routine where we go through and say goodnight to pretty much every single person in our family when I'm putting her down at night. "Night night Gubby. Night night PawPaw. Night night Jill...." etc... we go through everyone in the family (extended, too!)...even Tex and Ella get a shout out. So the other night she was saying night night to everyone and then she said, "Night night Bible. Night night Jesus." It was SOOOO cute! I had never said night night to any of those things with her before- it was all from her own pure heart. Just the sweetest ever!

-Jay is great to put down these days. We do lots of talking and praying and more talking. For the past several months, the best way to get him to lay still is to hold his hand. At first it was a ploy to keep him from fidgeting, but it's become the sweetest gesture- and all on his own doing. He will grab my hand right away just as we lay down and he holds it until he's long gone asleep. As he fidgets and turns he will switch hands or move positions- but he never lets go. It's one of my very favorite things with him.

Our kids never cease to amaze me. They have such sweet tender hearts and I can't get enough of them!

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Jules said...

Not only are they cute ( and smart, funny, stylish), but they are soo sweet :) Your kids are awesome!! :)