Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Rest of It

My goodness- our trip away was just amazing!

The Broadmoor  was absolutely gorgeous! We had SUCH a great time together. Away from our sweet children, away from the everyday tasks, away from the nagging feeling of routine... just away.

The trip started out great with a peaceful, quick flight to Colorado Springs. Another quick and easy transfer to the hotel was nice and checkin was great. Our room was gorgeous, our wraparound porch was to die for, and the welcome gifts were great.

Views from our room. 

We walked around that afternoon, lounged by the pool and read, and napped. It was pure bliss. But the best part? We got to hang out together... alone. Ahhhh how I miss those days of getting uninterrupted quality time with my wonderful husband. It was fantastic.

This totally doesn't do the pool justice.
It was an infinity pool overlooking the lake. Just gorgeous!

The golf was tough (according to Anthony) but awesome. The spa- not so tough :)   My facial was amazing! The view was wonderful, the pampering amazing, the amenities were excellent... but you know one of the best parts of the spa? Heated toilet seats. Yes, that's right. Heavenly. Sidenote- one of my friends from college has toilets at her parents' house with heated toilet seats and water and air and things that go all sorts of directions... It's pretty remarkable. These were the same. And they were fantastic! After my facial I sat in the aromatherapy room and read by the fire. I LOVE spas!

After the spa I napped (because the spa was so hard) and read by the pool. Anthony joined me by the pool after golf. We had dinner that night and then the company rented out the bowling alley there and we bowled. It was SO fun! I was just ok. I hadn't bowled since I was pregnant with Jay (I'm pretty sure that was the last time), so I was definitely a little rusty, but I beat most of the other people around. I'm sure it had nothing to do with how much others had had to drink by that point ;)  I'm not competitive at all (ha!).

Bowling alley!
I'm sad I didn't get a picture of my outfit that night- it looked really cute! :)

Saturday we woke up and had a delicious breakfast with friends. Then we spent the day at the pool with one of my friends from growing up. He lives in the area with his wife and three precious girls. They had to evacuate because of the wildfires, and they came out to visit us. It had been over 6 years since I'd seen him, and it was fun to catch up!

Breakfast view

We left to go get massages. The massage I got that day- meh. The girl called me back AFTER Anthony went back, and I got back to the common area a good five minutes before he did. Not only was it short, it was probably top 2 worst massages ever. It wasn't BAD, it just wasn't good- at all. I talked to a few other people on the trip and one other person had the girl that I had and said the same thing. Ugh. Oh well, it was a chance to relax nonetheless! Anthony's was great, so that was good.

That night we had a fabulous dinner overlooking the property. It was a great evening with gorgeous views.

The sunset was gorgeous, but a little bright for our side of the table!

Sunday we checked out and headed back to see our babies! I missed them SO much! We Facetimed with them each day. And while I didn't want to (for their sake), they seemed to do fine with it. It made me miss them so much, though. They were in great hands, and had a blast with their grandparents. I'm sure they didn't even think twice about us- and I'm so grateful for that!

Our flight was an hour and a half late- spent mostly on the hot, teeny plane. I was so mad! I was so ready to be home snuggling my kids! Finally we got home and they were SOOO cute! I swear, they seemed bigger in just four days! I soaked them in as much as possible. I missed them more than I thought (and I might have cried when I saw them! Ha!).

I love work trips like these where you get to know so many new people. I hear stories all the time about these guys, so it was great to put faces with names and meet wives. Who knows when I will see most of them again (it's a nation-wide thing), but it sure was a fun weekend!

A lot of people have asked what I thought about The Broadmoor. It was GORGEOUS. Colorado in the summer is just unreal. The views were incredible and the hotel/grounds were very well taken care of. The staff was super super friendly and accommodating. I didn't run into one rude person who worked there. The housekeeping does a great job and comes in twice a day. The one negative- the food. The breakfast food was marginal, the pool food was not good, and the dinners were definitely interesting. Two nights the meals were pre-planned, so that was part of it, but the food just wasn't great. Definitely disappointing for such a beautiful resort.

It was a wonderful trip and I am so thankful we got to do this. It's so important for us to take time away together every once in a while. And when it's on someone else's tab, even better ;)


the blogivers said...

I'm glad you guys had such a great trip (even if I am still jealous)! Makes me excited for our little getaway in a couple of weeks :)

Jules said...

Wow Wow Wow!! Looks and sounds heavenly! Bummer about the food though. That's one of my favorite parts of vacay. Because calories don't count on vacay :)

CJacobie said...

We did our babymoon there two years ago...on a whim! We were in town for a family reunion and just decided to stay a couple days!

It was heavenly! Hubby did golf...I went along for 9 holes, did the pool, LOVED the turn-down service. It is a magical place.

PS - We ended up eating off-site for each meal...probably a good choice I guess.