Thursday, June 27, 2013

SAHM Activities- Part 2

I love when I find good, everyday activities that we can do at home to keep the kids entertained. I love passing these along and I also love getting ideas from others (so don't be shy, people! Post them!).

Here is my first post about activities with your kids at home. Obviously you don't have to be a stay at home mom to enjoy these with your kids. I just figured stay at home moms might have more time they need to fill during the day and might need some more ideas! :)

These are easy, quick, and you have everything you need right at your fingertips! It's also a little different than the usual activities (puzzles, toys, etc) and gets your kids excited about something new!

Activity #1:

I was interested in making playdough with my kids one day (Charley loves to eat it and I figure I should know what she is ingesting!). So I headed to good ol' Pinterest and typed in Homemade Playdough. I came out with this recipe. The best part is that once I clicked on the picture of the cute little red-headed boy, I realized I KNOW THESE PEOPLE! Well, I technically have never met sweet Carter, but I was good friends with his momma in college and feel like I know both her boys through her blog!

Anyway, long story short- great, EASY recipe! I doubled it and divided it into 5 big chunks- one for each color of food coloring I had and one white chunk. I gave each kid one half of each color chunk (had to be fair!), and divided them into little snack-size ziplock baggies. Well, a month later we have a few HUGE chunks of "tie dye" mess. Two little people just like to mix them all together. No biggie- we can easily make it again!

Sidenote- I have actually brought this to restaurants and in the car- great great great little busy-hand helper! Make it!

Activity #2:
Hair Rollers

Ok, girls. How many of you still have your hot rollers from way back when (bonus if you still use them!)? Well, I have mine in the back of my "hair drawer" in our bathroom. As I try to get ready or straighten my hair, I inevitably have a sweet little helper at my feet trying to tug on the straightener or sit in our drawers. So, I pulled out this little gem and it was AWESOME! So very Montessori with the sorting and put-and-take. Love it! We have done this so many times now! Win!

Activity #3:
Part 1.... Gluing beans

I had some old beans in the pantry that I bought specifically for crafts/activities. I pulled them out the other day with a bottle of glue and some computer paper (lame, I know). I started putting glue on the paper and told the kids to put the beans on the glue. Voila! Insta-activity! They LOVED this so much!!! Way more than I thought they would! Score! (Yes, Jay asked for the shape of an elephant- yikes!)

Part 2... Painting

To take it a step further, I got out some old finger paint and let them go to town. There is something about kids having the "power" to use a paintbrush, so I grabbed those, too. They had a great time painting away! And then we got in the kiddie pool/splash pad we have to rinse off. Good times by all!

PS- The most ridiculous part of this post is that Charley is wearing the SAME outfit on three different days!!!!! You can tell our favorite "play" clothes! Bwahahaha! Yikes, mom... get a clue!


Brittany Sciba said...

Love these ideas!! Keep 'em coming! :) Oh, and I totally have a set of hot rollers that I use at least twice a week!! :)

Steve Rodgers said...

My kids are huge movie fans. whenever we go somewhere i make sure to bring the portable projector along. They love it for in between summer activities, and stuff like that. I really recommend getting something like that for your kids as well. Thanks for the post!

Sarah said...

Love this post! You are so much fun!