Friday, June 14, 2013

Not Trying To Make You Jealous, But...

Anthony and I laid out and napped by the pool yesterday at the Broadmoor. We sat in rocking chairs on the patio looking at the Colorado Mountains. We showered, took out time, and enjoyed a loooong dinner with friends. 

On the plane...

Hotel view (I cut off the mountains. Oops)

We then had uninterrupted sleep for as long as we could keep our eyes shut. Y'all, we actually woke up NEXT to each other and just laid there talking!! 

This morning we had a great workout with the mountains as our view, gorged ourselves at breakfast, then went our separate ways. I enjoyed a facial and pampering at the spa while he played golf. Now we are napping by the pool. 

Breakfast view

Spa view

View at the pool

Dinner tonight, followed by bowling at the resort with all the work friends. 

Hanging out by the pool tomorrow, then getting a couples massage, followed by a fun, fancy dress up dinner. 

Did I mention how much I'm enjoying this?! I have plowed through one book and have gotten far in the second. I have slept more than I needed to, had long meals, nice conversations with my hubby... It's. been. glorious. 

But I SURE miss my little nuggets!!! 

Until the next update... :)


the blogivers said...

You may not be TRYING to make me jealous, but you sure are succeeding at it ;) ENJOY!

The Joiners said...

Um ditto Joiner to what Allison said. I think your day might have been the opposite of my day- ha! Hope you're having fun- you deserve a break for sure!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Definitely jealous!!! :) Sounds/looks absolutely wonderful!!

Jules said...

So, I'm definitely jealous! Sleeping, reading, sleeping, eating all sound like the perfect way to spend a vacation. Enjoy! You definitely deserve it!!

Jenni said...

sounds fabulous!! {cough cough} rub it it {cough cough}