Monday, June 24, 2013

I Used It All!

So I posted on my Greenling box last week.

I can officially say I have used all of the contents!

I knew what to do with pretty much all of it, but there were a few things I wasn't sure of...

So, here are the contents and here is what I did with it all...

-Sweet corn on the cob (boiled and seasoned it)
-Blackberries (Blackberry cobbler!)
-Peaches (ate them)
-Mango (smoothie)
-Spaghetti squash (made a rosemary, garlic, lemon chicken spaghetti squash dish. So insanely good. This was my first spaghetti squash experience and I'm DEFINITELY coming back for more!!!!!!!)
-Kale (roasted it with coconut oil and salt/pepper)
-Asian greens (used in a salad)
-Red Potatoes (used in the pre-made meal kit to make more hash)
-Summer squash (roasted in coconut oil and salt/pepper)
-Yellow onions (diced and used in a jillion different things!)

I am so so proud of myself! And I'm not gonna lie, our dinners were so great last week! They tasted good, were healthy, and made us feel even better. I'm all over this Greenling business!!


Anonymous said...

Would you mind posting the Spaghetti Squash recipe? Sounds delish!

Casey Charles said...

We are working through the same box right now, delivered last Thursday. It's a good one!