Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happenings of Late

Slacker blogger lately- I know, I know. We have just been so busy lately!

First of all, thank you for all the good ideas and great advice on my post about Jay's night wakings. Good info and good things to try. Some nights are better than others for us, but it does give me hope knowing that it's a)not uncommon, and b)a phase. I can deal with phases- as long as I know they are actually phases and will actually end at some point. That's why second kids are easier- you know everything is just a phase!

Sweet boy loves his new drill! 

The kids and I just got back from a last minute, whirlwind trip to Austin for a few days to see my sister. We had F-U-N amidst the chaos of four kids being crazy!

So typical of the craziness that ensues when cousins get together. 

Because EVERYone loves cereal in a tent! 

Musical chairs breakfast! 

Bahahaha love Austen's face here!

While I don't have anything big to post about right now, there are some things I wanted to write down to remember...

-Jay is in the "Why?" stage. Everything is met with this question. Everything. And every statement begins with "Because"... "Because I was wondering where we going mom." "Because the brachiosaurus is a BIG dinosaur." Cute cute cute.

-Charley's talking has just totally boomed lately. I swear she says just about anything. She is getting so great at telling us what she needs/wants and is absolutely less frustrated. I stinking LOVE this stage!!!

-Oh, Jay has started calling me "Mom" a lot lately. It makes him seem so old to me. And get this! The other day we were in one of the guest rooms upstairs cleaning out some clothes. One of our wedding pictures is in there and Jay was looking at it a lot. He looked at me and said, "Mom you wook pretty here." When I smiled and gushed and said "Thank you, Jay! That is so sweet!" he smiled shyly and said, "Yeah, you wook beautiful." UMMM.... Are you kidding me?! Melt my heart, kid. Ladies, get ready- you got a GOOD catch with this guy!

"Reading" the Bible at church last weekend. 
He sat on the pew so big and so still. 
So so big. 

-And a couple cute Charley talking stories... She has started picking up Anthony's or my phone and putting it to her ear. She used to just "Hewwo!" When she would do that before, we'd ask her, "Who are you talking to, Char?" So now when she picks up our phones, every time she says, "Who talkn to?" It's the cutest. If kids don't hear everything! And we were driving to church the other day and Anthony had to slam on our brakes. Charley yelled, "WOAH!" from the backseat. Hilarious! This girl gets it. I love it!

Passed out mid-nugget (in her left hand) and ketchup all over her right hand. 
Little rag doll. 

-Charley's fourth bottom center tooth has FINALLY broken through! Just 8 short months after the first three! It's coming in after the top center four, top two molars, and now bottom two molars. So strange! It will be weird not seeing that crooked little smile anymore!

-Jay has become QUITE the daredevil in the water lately. Where just last week he was still hesitant to jump off the side unless we were rightthere, now he tells us to get back far away so he can put his head in and kick to us. He jumps off when we're not looking, goes down the two story slide at the pool, and has been off the diving board. Kid LOVES to swim. He asks everyday to go. I need to do a separate post on this. Nuts!

-Charley is not such a fan of the water. Six or seven pool sessions later she will get in without too much of a fuss as long as mommy is holding her. She actually started sitting on the side and letting me pull her in to me (and enjoyed it!) just last week, and a few days ago actually jumped off the side to me!!! While she doesn't necessarily enjoy the pool yet, she DID go down the two story slide at our neighborhood pool ALL BY HERSELF. I was a nervous wreck. Ack! Seriously, this swimming stuff deserves a post all of its own.

-I love the summer because I love the chaos of freedom and no set schedule and routine. While I love me some routine, it's hard with kids to get stuck in the constant rut of everyday life. Summer kind of frees you from that. No school gives you the ability to just pick up and do whatever you want (like our random last second road trip to Austin). I love having all our friends available each day and I just love that if we are bored we can jump in our pool in the backyard! So fun!

Cousin zoo time!

Sweet little feet crossed for breakfast. 

-I am OBSESSED with this right now. The very very sad part about it- neither of my kids like it. At all. More for me!?

-I am out of things to write about. But I'm trying to add more because otherwise I will have to get up and go do the sink full of dishes and unload our bags from Austin and do something with the (double) load of clothes in the dryer. I'm spent....

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the blogivers said...

You're not allowed to slack TOO much on blogging or some of us will start to wonder if it's a sign that #3 is on the way ;) But glad you guys have been busy having fun!!