Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

I need to catch up on pictures on the blog, and I have no material to write about... So here is our recent life in pictures!


Neither kid was ready to wake up this morning
(this problem could be solved by sleeping later than 6!!!)

Chuck E Cheese!
CK is terrified of him! 

Love these feet!

Poor Michelle got demoted to the back with the dogs
(might be time for me to give into that bigger car argument with Anthony)

Yes, it's dirty laundry. Yes, I realize it's disgusting.
But when it's 8:00 and you've already been up for over two hours and no stores are open, 
you do what you can to entertain. 

Who doesn't love a good toilet paper tower??


These two are a pair! Charley loves her Josh and he's so good to her. 
They always snuggle!

That's a bird head, some feathers, and legs on our back doorstep.
Thank you to our cat for leaving the remains for us. 
So thoughtful. 

Best dog in the whole world ever. 
Tex is awesome. 

Jay is REALLY into dressing himself lately.
Check out the shoes, too. 

First painted piggies (this is a few days old, so they chipped- don't judge the job I did!)!!!
I have been looking forward to this for SO long!!!!! love love love!

Charley in her brother's clothes. Even his Diego underwear. 
She was so happy. She even slept in his shirt. 

Happy Weekend!


The Torno's said...

I love these, and the last one made me smile :) Nice bird remains too! :/

the blogivers said...

Ha, Davis also has that dinosaur shirt! Both kids are rocking it ;)