Friday, May 17, 2013

SAHM Activities- Win!

I inadvertently had a couple successful activities with Charley lately and I wanted to share.

I just kind of lucked into them, but they were great and held her attention forever! Gotta love that!

Activity #1:
Lima beans in a bowl.

I bought several bags of dried beans at the store a few months back. I figured I would be mom of the year and do some fun activities with them. Well, I forgot (and clearly didn't win that award). I found them a few weeks ago, and just kind of put this activity together.

I dumped the whole bag in a bowl and gave Charley some spoons and smaller bowls. We experimented with pouring and scooping and stirring and putting in. I found some measuring cups so the scooping was easier. All was going well until she decided to experiment on her own- and throw the beans everywhere! Even though she did that, it still ended up being a great activity and one we have done often since. And yes, she still gets the beans everywhere. I just pick them up after :)

Activity #2:
Sorting kids utensils.

So I was unloading the dishwasher one morning (hence the bedhead), and my sweet shadow, Charley was right by my feet. She grabbed the cutlery/utensil holder (what is that thing called that holds all your forks and knives and stuff?!), and took it out. There was one kid fork left in there to be unloaded. She started taking it out and putting it in a different slot. So I got all of their utensils down from the cabinet and gave them to her. She had a field day putting them in and taking them out and doing it all over again! This was awesome and it allowed me to finish unloading the dishwasher!

Activity #3:
Spice rack fun!

So whenever I'm in the kitchen cooking, Charley Kate is always reaching for the spice rack. I have ignored it until the other day. I decided to put this bad boy on the ground and just let her play. Um, she LOVED it! And so did her big brother! It kept them busy for so long! Luckily Charley can't undo the lids, and Jay wouldn't, so that wasn't a fear. But they thought this was so great! Maybe because it's normally off limits? Who knows, but it kept us busy while I cooked dinner! PS- I'm pretty sure the activities were the same day and Charley was in her PJs all day. Please don't judge. I think it was a day when Jay was sick and we didn't leave the house.

Activity #4:
Paper towel tower.

We went to Target and got a new package of paper towels. I had them on the ground to put away and thought that Charley might have fun knocking a giant tower down. Since they are soft it was no harm to anyone. We started small and got really tall! Then we made a bridge. She also practiced knocking them down with a soft baseball bat we have. So fun!

Hope you can use some of these ideas! xoxo


Brittany Sciba said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing! You are such a fun mom!

the blogivers said...

I agree with Brittany - you really are a fun mom!

And this is further proof that I am NOT a fun mom, because just the thought of doing any of those activities stresses me out just a little bit :) Sorry, Davis, that your mom is so boring!

Emily said...

Great ideas!!

We have those big red cardboard blocks and pretty much do the same thing as the paper towels. Carson LOVES to build skyscrapers and then play crash! Who doesn't love to play crash?!?

Sarah said...

Love these!! They look like they are having a ball!! What great examples of letting your children lead the way! Makes life at home easier sometimes. You are a great mom!