Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm a Mom

Well, Mother's Day weekend has come and gone.

We had big plans of going to New Braunfels to my uncle's lake house for a Harmon Family Reunion (my mom's side of the fam). Her siblings and cousins and all of our cousins/siblings/kids were going to be there. The lake is only about two hours away for us, so it is easy to get there and back with the kids. 

Well, Friday some severe weather tore through (including a tornado) and left everything a mess. It was too hard for everyone to get there, so it was called off. We decided to head to Austin to stay with my sister anyway (only 2 hrs 15 minutes from us and only 45 from the lake house). We had been telling Jay all week that we were going to see them and we learned a while back that once we tell him he's going to see someone, we'd better follow through! 

So we headed to Austin after Anthony got home from work on Friday. The kids were up way too late, but such is the traveling life. 

Well, cutie pants Charley woke at 5 Saturday morning with Jay around 615. Eek. Long day ahead of us!

We had a fun day of tooling around Austin, visiting a museum, enjoying the GORGEOUS weather, playing with cousins, dipping in the (too cold) pool, and grilling out. It was perfect!

My little sister flew in Saturday night and we had a great time catching up!

Sunday was met with later wake-ups and a run to get some yummy Mother's Day breakfast tacos. Since the weather was gorgeous, we decided to head out to the lake for the day. Good call!

We met my parents out there and had a great day. Nothing like a little fishing, throwing rocks into the lake, holding/chasing chickens, and boat riding! I think we took a 2.5 hour boat ride! My heaven!!

So typical. My kids will not pose for a picture. Argh!

Someone loves her "Bubby!"

I love these next few pictures. 
I am so in love with my guys. 

Best one of the day... Sigh... 

Getting ready to ride!

It was naptime... And he hated his life jacket. 

OUT. Nothing lulls you to sleep like the hum of a boat!

Ant trying to keep the sun off Jay (?!)

Don't worry, no chickens were harmed during these pictures. 

Both kids napped on the boat and both hated their life jackets. Shocker 

We headed back to Austin that night and Anthony headed back to Houston for work on Monday. Boo. 

Sunday night proved to be tough- Charley woke up in the middle of the night with a 103.8 fever- most likely coming down with the awful virus Jay had the week before. 

My mom and I packed up the next morning and drove back to Houston during nap time to make a late doctor's appointment. 

I posted on our sick weeks here, but I tell you what- there is nothing in the world worse than watching your babies feel terrible. Nothing. 

While my Mother's Day was far from glamorous (no flowers or presents or time off or fancy brunch), it was a day spent doing just what it was we were celebrating- mothering. And I really did love it. My sweet kids wanted to kiss me and snuggle me and love on me. And I certainly can't complain about that! I know one day when my kids are grown and have families of their own, I will be wishing I was just hanging out with them and "mothering" them all day long. So I'll save the fancy brunch and massages for then... Although maybe next year I can drop a FEW hints to my sweet husband... :)


Sarah said...

I love this post so much! You are a great mom! This is the best job in the world! Not glamorous but wonderful!!

The Joiners said...

I am so impressed that you do such a good job of documenting the "special" events but also the everyday moments in pictures- you will be so thankful you did that one day, as will Jay and Charley!