Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Charley's 15 Months!

How in the WORLD are we already having Charley's 15 month checkup?!

Didn't she just turn one? Wasn't she just 6 months? And seriously, I feel like she was just born! ACK!

Her appointment went great!

She is
30 1/4 inches tall (42%)
20 lbs 4 oz (36%)
FOC is 53%

in comparison, Jay was
33 1/4 in (98%)
24 lbs, 3 oz (72%)
FOC 37%

Holy smokes!!! Charley is TEENY compared to Jay!! We have known she is a petite little thing, but this is crazy! The Moriartys are a big family- we produce big babies! She is just a tiny little thing. Too funny! 

Dr. Clarke was pleased with where she is and was amazed at how active/verbal/physical/social she is! He wasn't surprised since he's known Jay, but he did notice how much more social she seems to be. :)

She also screamed/cried virtually the whole time. She woke up very early today so that was working against her, plus we waited over an hour in that dang room!! Annnnd then we topped it off with three shots. She was furious! Though once they have her a "pop" (lollipop) she was totally fine (as long as momma was holding her!!). 

This girl is keeping us in stitches and I feel like her talking is just exploding right now. I have lost track of the words she says, but we are well over 50. She's just starting to say some phrases, "Oh no!", "Where Dayyey (daddy) go?", "Jay go nigh-nigh.", "Hi Texey!", "Are woo (you)?", "Lub woo (love you)".... etc.... Girlfriend can talk just like her brother could. She said her first three word phrase/sentence a few nights ago when she said "Jay go nigh-nigh." I made such a big deal that she said it over and over! :)

One of the things that gets me most is her precious little voice. It's so high and nasally and almost whiny-sounding... but it's absolutely music to my ears. I LOVE hearing her talk and copy us and say new things!

Her latest phrase is just to die for! Ack! Love that voice (and love that she keeps it up once she gets a good reaction! Ha!)....

LOVE LOVE LOVE our precious baby girl!! xoxox

Practicing her posing feet at Gymboree (JK)

Snuggling/Rocking her babies... her FAVORITE toy!

Being "Charley".... Helping to feed Tex!

She found her nostril! 
She doesn't know what to do with it- but she found a place to stick her finger!!

Riding my parents' fat (and ridiculously tolerant) cat, Ella! 

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Sarah said...

She is so stinking cute!! I love her sweet face and can't believe all that she can say!!

Time for another one! ;)