Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Case of the Sickies!

There is something nasty going on around here! I won't bore you with too many details, but I'll try to break it down some..

-102.9 fever Sunday night as he was going to bed (Sunday, May 5)
 -103.3 during the night... Lots of alternating Motrin and Tylenol
-Early wake up Monday morning. Grandeb over to help out and take turns rocking a kid (see more on Charley later)

-Sick and fever all day

-4 hour nap
-Vomits Monday night
-101 fever Monday night

-Doctor visit Tuesday- runs tests, ruled "a nasty virus"
-Low grade fever all week. No appetite, no energy. Early morning wake ups, swollen glands, achy
-Starts feeling a little better Friday
-Back to normal self and fever free Saturday night! Woohoo! 
-Develops rash Monday, May 13 behind ears and under chin

 -Rash spreads to neck and chest on Tuesday

-Vomiting Sunday night in middle of night (yes same night Jay is sick with fever). Vomited all over crib and self first time, all over chair, self, and me next three times.
-Thankful for a husband who was beyond helpful!!!!!!! We made a great team running back and forth between kids, cleaning, rocking, laying with them... Don't know what I would have done without him!
-Sick and sleepy all day Monday, but no fever and pretty much back to normal self the rest of the week. I'd say she was functioning at about 85% of her norm

-Sunday, May 12 (Mother's Day night), wakes up at 2 am with a 103.8 fever. Mommy rocks while Grandeb helps bring fever down to 102.9. Then Grandeb sleeps with Jay who wakes up (we are in Austin). 
-CK has ZERO energy. Sleeps on and off all day. High fever. Refuses to eat, drink, or even lift head off of mommy's (or Auntie Michelle's) chest. Glassy eyed and out of it when she was awake. Develops rash around face/neck and back/chest

-Executive decision to head back to Houston for a late doctor's appointment. I am guessing it's the same awful virus Jay had, but this has hit her WAY harder and I fear dehydration. 

-Flu test upon arrival after just seeing her pass by in the hallway. Negative. Strep test. Negative. Doc is slightly worried about dehydration- starting to show signs. Tells us if we can't get anything in her by night time to head to ER for fluids. 
-By God's mercy she decided to drink some smoothie and juice (about three sips each) right before bed time. I knew she'd be fine after that. 
-Bath to bring temp down
-Bed time. Sleeping with mommy in guest bed upstairs. 
-Fever high and not-as-high (I won't say low because it was never low) all night and all day Tuesday. 
-Develops croup throughout the night and cries and whimpers (glad I'm sleeping with her!!) 
-Croupy and tired on Tuesday
-Another doctor visit (four in seven days!) and they give an oral steroid for croup

-Stomach bug all day Monday and into Monday night
-Stiffness and achey Sunday-Tuesday

-Stomach bug Monday morning
-Stiffness, achiness, sore throat Monday and Tuesday

-Diarrhea Tuesday 

Get us well!!!

And don't come NEAR our house! I'm about to put one of those termite tents over our house and fill it with Lysol! 

Wish us luck the rest of the week! Eek! Thankful for my mom who lives close and can help out!!! Seriously, people... This stuff is awful!!


the blogivers said...

YUCK!!! So sorry you guys have been dealing with this :( prayers for everyone to get well and stay well! Davis came down with a 103.7 fever this afternoon, hoping it doesn't turn into anything that yucky!

Kate H. said...

Poor mommy/daddy/kiddos!!! Feel better soon!!

J & J Brymer said...

Praying for you guys... This makes me so sad

Sarah said...

Ugh, that is rough!! Your poor babies.

And poor mommy. Sickies are harder in numbers! Go mom go!! You got this!

Kimberly Hixon said...

This sounds so awful!!! So sorry you guys have to go through that! Prayers for a speedy recovery for all and that this never repeats!

Gillian said...

Oh my gosh I am so sad reading this. Get better soon... all of you!