Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Happened?!

Ok, calling all moms...

Has this happened to you at all?

We moved Jay to a big boy bed at 16.5 months (were we crazy?!). Ever since we moved him, he has slept like a ROCK. Never once got out of his bed (once or twice we found him in his closet or in his rocking chair in his room asleep- but never on his own free will just got out of bed). He has rarely had night wakings- if he has it's been due to sickness only. He would go down around 830 or so and sleep until around 8. He'd take 2.5-3 hour naps. He was amazing.

WAS is the keyword. That lasted for 16 months. Can't really complain too much.

The past few weeks (really since he got sick), he's been waking EARLY in the morning. Like 5:30-6:30. Not only that, but he's been getting out of his bed!

One day at naptime a few weeks ago, he got out of bed and came downstairs all on his own after 3 hours or so. He was SO proud of himself. And that was fine with me! I mean, he took a long nap and came down after. Win. Wellll.... that has turned into getting out of bed every single night multiple times, early morning wakeups and getting out of bed, and then waking up and hopping out of bed at nap time (way too early).

I know that he's not getting enough sleep. He's exhausted.

I've tried gently talking to him about staying in bed (kid is sensitive. He doesn't need fussing/lecturing/scolding. He's always done better with a conversation and explanation). We've tried this the past few nights. It hasn't really worked yet- plus I think he's still asleep when he "wakes up."

Anthony and I will go up there and put him back in bed and he'll fall asleep in a second. So I know he's not really "up."

What do I do?

Well, before I pose that question, I won't lock him in his room. That would beyond traumatize him (and me) and I'm just not down for doing that with him.

I've seen those alarm clocks that show a color when it's time to wake up. Has anyone used those?

I just don't know if it's a phase and to keep doing what we are doing and he will eventually grow out of it. I don't know if we need to nip it in the bud now. I am just at a complete loss.

I can deal with the early wakeups- we can eventually push that back again. But the night time wakeups are a lot. Not to mention he stands at the top of the stairs, which is right by Charley's room, yelling, "Mooooommmmmyyyyyy!" I'm terrified he will wake her up!

Anyone have any experience with this? Please please tell me it's a phase. Please. I want my good sleeper back.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Weekend!

Oh man, we had the BEST weekend! It's been a while since we've had so much fun all weekend long. Seriously, start to finish it was just awesome!

We rented a beach house in Galveston with some of our best friends. While Galveston is not a pretty beach by any stretch of the imagination, it's only an hour away. So that makes it awesome!

Driving down. Girlfriend insisted on playing with the farm. Sigh... 

We got in Friday afternoon and unloaded and hung out at the house we rented. It was in a little neighborhood right across from the beach. It was just the best location. Close to the beach, close to the bay. A marina, pool, playground, and fire station all within a walk. Just perfect!

We headed to dinner (it took FOREVER- people are definitely on island time! Not a bad thing unless you have three kids under three at the table with you!) then made a beach stop on our way home. A particular little boy was DYING to get to the beach that night. So in he went (and the other kids and daddies too) in full clothes. We had a full moon and it was just perfect! Seriously, we almost felt like we were at a super cool beach. And then the seaweed touched our feet. :)

The next day was spent at the beach in the morning, trolling around on our golf cart, pool in the aft, and dinner at the marina. Then a dip in the hot tub to top the night off! Grownups played 42 and enjoyed the sea breeze while the monitors were on the kids in the house. It was a great evening.

This is just perfection to me. Love this child.

I can never get both of my kids to look at the camera and smile. 
So this one was the ONLY one of them looking towards me. 
Who knows?!

Even harder when you add a third kid. 

So so sweet. 
I'd say they might be destined to be together, but I have a feeling she will be much taller than him. 

Snuggles and naps on the beach. 

The ice cream man came by!!!!

Sunday we had some friends come down and visit- this was so fun! More beach fun (sandcastles, football), nap time for the kids while the grown ups played dominoes, grilling out, hot tubbing it, and more hanging out. It was just a great great day!

Sleeping beauty. 

Jay took his sandcastle building VERY seriously. 

I think the daddies had more fun than the kids. 

Finished product- moat and all! 
The animals loved it. 

I just had to capture all of the toys all over the place. 

We were exhausted by Monday morning, so we packed up and headed home. We were totally planning on spending the day at the beach, but when the kids said they were ready to go home, we didn't argue- we were kind of over the sand, too! 

We swam at our neighborhood pool (where Jay was quite the daredevil!), went to my parents to visit them (they were in Germany for 10 days!), grilled out, and ended the amazing weekend with ice cream.

I loved feeling like we "got away" for a little vacation, loved that we got quality time as a family, loved that we hung out with friends, and loved ending it being with family. 

I would be remiss to not say thank you to those men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy our beautiful country and weekends like this. We don't forget. And we totally know what Memorial Day is all about. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Drumroll Please!

So glad so many of you enjoyed the Living Lockets! I think they are adorable, too!

After using a random number generator from all the entries, I am happy to announce that the winner is....


Casey, email me at and I will get you in touch with Ericka! 

Thanks to all for entering! Hate that I don't have a money tree in my backyard to give a necklace to everyone! 

Until the next giveaway...

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Giveaway!

Oh y'all.... I am SO excited!!

Ericka at Origami Owl contacted me and is offering an AMAZING giveaway to one of my lucky readers!!

She is offering a $60 gift certificate for a Living Locket to one of you! That's huge!

These Living Lockets are super adorable! The best part- you create your own and make them unique to YOU. What a great treat for yourself or an amazing gift for someone else!

I am always loving unique jewelry. And when I find something I love I have to share!

So here's how to enter...

1) Comment on my blog and tell us how much you will love this!
2) Follow my blog (or let me know if you already do!)
3) Check out Ericka's FB page or Website and let me know in your comment that you did- look around and see how great these Living Lockets are!

Winner will be announced on TUESDAY, May 28. So get your comments and likes in! Can't wait!

Ericka's Info:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another One Down

Another school year comes to an end. How is that possible??

This year Jay went two days a week- Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9-12. We absolutely beyond loved his school this year. It has been the biggest blessing I could have imagined. 

His teachers are two of the most amazing women ever. They are so kind, patient, loving, and wonderful. They loved Jay like their own and truly cared about him. They helped him in so many ways- I will be forever grateful! Seriously, they will never know how much Anthony and I appreciated all that they did for Jay. We could never convey how much they have meant to us! 

Hard to believe that when Jay started the year he had just turned two. Now he's almost three, wearing big boy underwear, and talking like a big kid. 

Here are some pictures from the first day and the last day this year. It's remarkable how much he's grown and how much older he looks. 

We are going to miss his teachers so much- but the one comfort is that Charley Kate will get to have them in the fall! Get ready ladies- you are in for a world of difference!

This picture is the CRAZIEST to me! 
Supportive little sister on the 1st day of school and Last day of school!