Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Anniversary!

Today is a very special anniversary- the anniversary of my birth (yeah buddy- 31!!) and the anniversary of this blog (4 years!)!

First of all, I have LOVED keeping this blog! What a walk down memory lane for me. I just ordered our first year blog book (Blog2Print was the general consensus from most of you!) and can't wait to get it back!

This has been a great outlet for me for documenting our lives, stories, and thoughts about everything in life! So happy anniversary blog!

And then to my birthday...

My friends and family sure know how to make a girl feel special, even if it just her 31st birthday in the middle of the week on a regular old day.

We started celebrating on Saturday night. The husby took me to a fancy dinner (momma loves dressing up!) while the kids were in good hands with babysitters at church. It was pouring and nasty outside but we didn't let that stop us! Dinner was fantastic and the company was better!

On my actual birthday (today!), I woke up to Charley sleeping (mostly!) through the night at 4:50 am. That was her only wake up (THANKYOUGOD)! So I went up and held her in our chair until around 7 when she woke up for good.

I came downstairs with her to breakfast (Shipley's donuts and kolaches!!) and cards and gifts from my sweet hubby! What a treat! He even remembered to get donut holes and extra kolaches for the kids! What a gem! A sweet card, and gift certificates for mani/pedi and a massage- this guy knows what I like/need!

Charley and I had a fabulous morning that consisted of her pouring her smoothie on our white cloth couch, taking her diaper off and peeing on the floor while I cleaned, squishing raspberries and rubbing them in her hair and on her clothes, and throwing both of Jay's tennis shoes (the ones he wears to school) in the toilet. Did I mention this was all before 8 am?! Ha!

Despite the fun we had, she was in a great (and very cute!) mood, so I just pretty much laughed at her all morning!

Then my little dude woke up and we went to greet him! He was so excited for "Mommy's Birfday Party" and the donut holes! Cute!

Snuggle time on my birthday with this guy! 
I normally wear more clothes- I swear... I didn't want Charley destroying my outfit!

The kids ate donut holes in my bed while I got dressed for the day (can't wait to snuggle in those covers tonight!).

I dropped Jay at school and then my oldest sister offered to watch Charley so I could go get a pedicure! BLISS! I got to sit for an uninterrupted hour being massaged and pampered- I haven't gotten a pedicure since the beginning of the year! On my way home I popped into J Crew and Kendra Scott to use up some birthday money and loved being able to run so many errands so quickly without kids! :)

I grabbed Charley and we ran a few other errands before it was pick-up Jay time.

My mom and sister and niece all met at our house for lunch where we ate way too much and sang happy birthday (mom was smart and let each kid have their own dessert and own candles!).

Then it was outside to "dip" in the pool (it was just supposed to be feet but Jay and Jill got in all the way). Better them than me.

As I walked outside to play with them, I closed the locked door behind me locking us all out! UGH!!! This is third time I've done this and you think I would have learned by now...

Waiting for Anthony...
This is how good my mom is with technology! Ha!!

The only other two people with a key are my mom and sis and their keys were inside, too! So I called Anthony and he left work right away and came to save the day. Bless that man. Not once did he scold me or fuss at me or even pretend he was irritated.

Presents and love and fun galore left us tired, so we moved onto naptime...

Some of my other fave gifts!
Necklace, earrings, and bullets for our guns!! 

After naps for all of us (love me a birthday nap!), we woke up and played outside with the neighbors and then loaded up for dinner out. On our way to dinner I treated myself to a present- FOUR new keys (one for each neighbor, one to hide, and one for my BFF). Can't be too careful now!

We met Anthony at my favorite Mexican food place and the Robertson clan, too! I'm so thankful to have one of my best friends just a few blocks away. The kids were all interspersed with the grownups and everyone treated everyone like their own kids/parents. I love that about them. We ate way too much, played in the sand, had ice cream after, and called it a night! What a special ending to my day!

Kids are down, I'm showered (finally!), and The Voice is on. Between phone calls, text messages, cards, and Facebook, I am feeling so very very loved.

Thanks to all who helped make it special (especially my hubs!) and thanks to my parents for birthing me (I know it wasn't easy!) and raising me! Until the next anniversary of my birth/blog...


the blogivers said...

Sounds like you had a crazy, but fun day! Glad it was a good one! :)

The Joiners said...

Glad you had an eventful birthday, to say the least!! :)

Creative Digital Expressions said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That is so cool that family did things to make it extra special for you!

Jason and Jenny said...

Happy Birthday! sounded pretty great!

The Moriarty Family said...

what an eventful, yet awesome day you had!!! glad it was so special surrounded with the people you love, nothing can beat that!