Friday, April 26, 2013

Ordinary Day with Two

So, back in September of 2011, I wrote this post.

For those of you (like me) that don't like going back and clicking on old posts, I'll summarize. I read another blog where the girl documented just an "ordinary day" with her children. We all document the fun days and activities. But the stuff that keeps us ticking is the everyday goodness with our kids.

The things I'll remember most when I'm older and my kids are grown are how every morning Charley and I will curl up on the couch and snuggle while I sip my coffee and we "chat" about Texey and Ewwa. I'll miss the excitement Charley and I both have when we hear Jay call out, "Mooo-mmmmy!" on the monitor and we rush upstairs to greet him. I love our morning play time. I love our "run errands" time. I love grabbing lunch out or having a picnic at home. I love nap time when the house is quiet, but I love wake up time when my babies are with me. I love the bedhead after naps. I love the playing outside in the front yard with all the neighbors. I love cooking dinner while two kids tug at me in different directions. I love when Daddy comes home and we all rush to greet him and get the first kiss (I usually win!). I will miss how we all pile on our bed while Daddy changes to play clothes and tells us about his day. I'll miss our family dinners each night and watching our kids learn how to pray, table manners, and the importance of family time. I'll miss after dinner dessert time. I'll miss bath time and the bubbles and water all over the place. I will certainly miss rocking my baby to sleep or laying next to my big kid praying and singing and holding hands. I will miss laying in bed at the end of the day with my husband sighing and thinking, "We're doing this all again tomorrow!?" These are the ordinary things I know I will miss one day. And these are the things I never want to forget!

There are so many routines that we have going that I don't want to forget or take for granted.

So today I documented every hour on the hour through pictures. It was fun to see the things we were doing, and sometimes I wish I would have captured the in-betweens. I honestly am so thankful for my littles and the time I get to spend with them.

To preface, we had ZERO plans going into today- except for a trip to the shoe store to get measured and the need to be out of the house while our cleaning lady was there. This sort of day is very rare- we almost ALWAYS have something planned before the day begins! :)

7:00 am. Charley woke at 6:30 today. 
Here we are hanging out on the couch watching the local news together. 
Exciting stuff. Neither of us are quite awake yet.  :)

 8:00. The big guy is up. This is actually early for him. 
He is a SLOW waker-upper. He likes at least thirty minutes to start his day. 
Juice and blankie and pappy (and circus elphy) required.
Used to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was a must. Now it's Team Umizoomi. 

While Jay wakes up, Charley has pretty much already conquered everything she can.
We are reading books and playing with Jay's racecars here. 

Waiting for Mrs. Patricia to get here so we can leave.
Jay has my makeup brush and both kids are ready to get the heck outta dodge!
Mommy is readier than anybody (I know, it's not a word) 

Mommy and Charley sitting in the chair reading a book and snuggling.
She is getting sleepy. This is going to be her first day without a morning nap. 

10:00 am
 Charley is getting sleepy. We are running errands. 
This particular moment we are driving to Grandeb's house. 
Mommy installed the DVD player to try to keep her awake and happy and not screaming in the car.
So far, not really working. 

At Grandeb's house. That's why he's eating Doritos so early in the morning. 
Sigh. A Grandparent's right?

This was actually a sweet moment between the two. 
Hugs outside on Grandeb's playground!

Another sweet moment. Pushing his baby sister!

This is us at the shoe store. I only got one because it was MASS CHAOS.
Charley is beyond tired. She is ripping a page out of (an already torn) book. 
Jay is touching everything. 
Charley has already taken just about every shoe off the shelf. 
I am trying to pay.

FRO-YO after the shoe store! 
Just trying to do anything to keep Charley awake!
Are you judging our diet for the day yet?!

Heading home. Charley is OUT. In the car for five seconds. 
That hum just knocks her out. 

I was putting Jay down (early today to overlap with Charley!) and might have fallen asleep.

Charley wakes up after an hour and 45 minutes. 
I can tell she's not really ready to be awake so I rock her back to sleep. 
Then I get to sit in the chair not moving for a long time. And checking things on my phone.
Who needs to get chores done anyway?
At least I am showered (notice the wet hair and eye makeup under my eye!)

ANNNND she's up!
Just like the mornings, we do whatever we can to fill the time while Jay naps. 
Here she is heading to her new favorite place... the bathroom.  

Her new favorite activity!
"TeeTee!!!" though she doesn't go!

And climbing up after to flush it down! 

Still trying to fill the time while Jay sleeps.
Playing some teeball. 
Gotta start 'em young :)

Over to JJ's. 
Our dryer broke. I have oodles of laundry to do.
We headed to my sister's to play and use their washer/dryer. 
They have the most fun place to play anyway!

Charley gets right in there with them!

Cousin love. 
Still there. 
Thankful for sisters who let you overstay your welcome. 

Abnormal night, but mommy is going out!
Dinner with the girls so she was getting ready!!! 
(Insert picture of chaos at home while trying to put on makeup)
(A normal night would be chaos while I was trying to cook dinner)

Shopping at Kendra Scott with my BFF while we wait for our dinner reservations!
Can't get any better than that!
(Normal night- we sit down as a family to eat dinner together. Love this part of my day.)

Dinner with college sorority girlfriends. So fun catching up.
Sadly the only picture of the night. But glad it was with Jill!
 (normal night- Charley is down, we are playing with Jay)

Still at dinner :)
(normal night- one of us is up with Jay- most likely having fallen asleep!)

Still at dinner :)
(normal night- Ant is out, I am watching a tv show or on the computer)

Home and ready to crawl in bed and snuggle the husband. 
He's so good to me!
(Normal night- just like the above!)

Thank you, God, for our beautiful ordinary days. It ain't glamorous, but I love it!


the blogivers said...

I am a little tired just reading this post... not sure how I'm going to survive with 2! :)

Brittany Sciba said...

I love getting a little glimpse into other people's days! Looks like the three of you have so much fun together!