Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just Catching Up

I wanted to write about what the kids were up to at this moment (31 months old and 14 months old).

Hmmm... where to start?

Well, it seems as though the Teething Monster has officially entered our house again. Charley has been working on those dang one year molars and they are giving her quite the fit! I actually took her into the doc to get her ears checked because she was so off- nope, just the molars.

Waiting to see the doc... I'm sure he would have been pleased to see this!

Her sleep has been so crummy the past 1.5 weeks. She wakes crying often (with a painkiller before bed- gotta love "pink" milk in her bottle!). Poor girl. We lather the orajel on, too!

She asks for the Orajel. Poor baby girl. 

I think it's hysterical though that she is getting her molars in (top two are poked through, bottom are almost through), yet she still has only THREE teeth on the bottom. Girlfriend still has that precious crooked smile. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't slightly stressed about it. Thoughts of a Bubba-like little girl are (not really) keeping me up at night.

But seriously, where are her bottom left teeth?! I asked her doc (a couple times in fact) and he just laughed with a, "Oh these things sometimes grow in funny patterns." Yes, well, is this YOUR little girl we are talking about?! I'm having visions of her running around the playground and kids pointing at the scraggly-tooth girl. Sigh..

Ok, I'm not THAT stressed about it. But I would like to know they will for sure be coming in sometime before her third birthday. Is that too much to ask?!

She's got her top four in addition to the three on bottom (and now the top two molars that are almost finished) and those are precious, if I do say so myself!

And then there's the tantruming. Oh my, can this girl throw a tantrum! Girl thing? Second child? I'm not sure, but she's got it down. Anthony and I laugh at it 99% of the time. She'll throw herself down on the ground and scream and flail her limbs. Then if we ignore and leave the room, she'll stop- and follow us into the next room and start it again. I'm not kidding- she can throw a tantrum!

One of her tantrums. I wouldn't let her climb in the dishwasher. 
I know, right? So mean of me!

And then there's the incredibly social and happy side of her. She is a doll and loves to be out and about. She loves "girl talk" and pretending to be part of the conversation. She loves sitting on people's laps (my friends, the Sunday school teacher, the Gymboree teacher). She will walk through a crowded restaurant/store/park waving at people and saying hi and blowing kisses. She can win a grown man over in a second with her flirty smile and her southern, "Hiiiiii!" Ugh she's so cute!

And then there's Jay. Jay whose talking is just incredible. His vocabulary and ideas never cease to amaze me. The things he comes up with are nuts. Sometimes I have to remind myself he's TWO- a baby! It's easy to expect a lot from him, so Anthony and I have to make a conscious effort to remember he's a little guy with a big talk.

Two funny things he's said lately that I don't want to forget..
1)We were throwing mulch into a pond the other day. I pointed out how when we did that turtles would come up and see if the mulch was food. He replied, "Cool, Mom. That's cool." In the most nonchalant voice ever. Um, hi. Are you eleven??
2)We were watching some YouTube videos of kids songs. I asked if he wanted to watch this particular set of videos. He answered, "No. Dose are all wame (lame)!" Well excuse me Joe Cool!

This kid is so anti-camera right now it's not even funny! 
At Muffins with Mom at his school! 

Potty training is going incredibly well. We are 2.5 weeks in and with just a handful of accidents, I'm super impressed. He's proven to be a lot like his dad in the fact that he can hold his bladder like a camel! He has yet to potty at school (he's afraid of the toilet there I think), so he just holds it. Over three hours each day. They put him on the potty and ask him, and he just sits there and waits until we get home.

The same thing at night. Kid can go forever! He sleeps about 10.5-11 hours each night. We teetee before bed and then he usually waits at least thirty minutes after he wakes in the morning. Incredible! Almost every day I have to make him go after he wakes up!

My guys at the zoo! 

I can't remember the last time I made it through the night without a potty break... Oh the joys of life before kids!

Oh, and because of the ridiculous amount of potty talk and excitement over teetee in the potty going on at our house right now, Charley is obsessed with it. She will just say teetee over and over while Jay goes, she will clap with us for him, and say it (or poop) as she goes or as we change her diaper. The other night during bath time she finished early and Jay was still playing. She kept saying teetee, so Anthony sat her on the potty. She was so excited!!!! She would look down between her legs as if she was really going and yell teetee! Then we'd take her off the potty and she'd clap and dance around! She was thrilled! It was PRECIOUS!!

Have I mentioned how tall Jay is? I don't know one child his age that is taller than him. Kid is tall. And thick. He's very thin actually (no belly, you can see his ribs, wears waist size smaller or true to size), but he's dense. He's definitely got my father's build- which pleases Anthony beyond measure since my dad is 6'7"!

 I know you can't tell here- but take my word for it! Tall!

And Charley Kate- is so petite! She is tall, but her frame is so petite/narrow. She definitely has my (growing up- pre-college) build-and her Aunt Andrea's and Auntie Michelle's current builds. When I was little people used to call me "flaca" or bird because I was so skinny. Girlfriend DEFINITELY won't hate that when she's older!

As far as eating goes, I feel like we are at a good place with both kids. Jay could definitely eat more (still no fruits or veggies), but I feel like he's getting them in other ways and overall he's got a relatively "good" diet. He is getting to the point where we can reason with him about trying new things and finishing the food on his plate before dessert, etc.

Charley, on the other hand, loves her fruits and veggies and could survive on those and beans if it was up to her. She is such a little bird! She's definitely not that into meat, but getting her protein is definitely easier than sneaking fruits and veggies into Jay's diet.

This is what our nights look like. 
I love this time together. I will absolutely miss this one day...

All in all life is just swimming along. I feel like my job title has moved from mom to referee. Parents of older kids- does this end or will I forever be telling one not to push while telling the other to share? This part of parenting is incredibly exhausting and why I am nowhere near ready for child #3! Yikes!

They are actually very happily wrestling here! Sometimes they have fun together!  :)


the blogivers said...

Maybe all this potty training with Jay will mean early potty training for Charley! Especially since she's a girl. Glad he is doing so well!

Also, as far as Jay being tall, I feel the same way about Davis! At least once a week we hear, "I think he's gotten taller since the last time I saw him!" He certainly doesn't get it from me :)

Anonymous said...

You do realize that Orajel can make teething harder!! It's great to numb the pain, but in doing so, it toughens up the gums making it harder for the teeth to push through. Just a little FYI I learned the hard way:(

Gillian said...

Your kids are so adorable! I think it's funny what we each "stress" about as parents... I'm sure her teeth will all come in soon! :) And I feel ya on the tantrums... man these toddlers know how to keep us on our toes! Great pics :)

The Scott Family said...

Your kiddos are PRECIOUS!

ChelseaSalomone said...

They're so cute!!

ChelseaSalomone said...

And PS don't worry about the teeth!!!! Logan only has five... Total! I've never seen a bubba kindergartener ;)