Monday, April 8, 2013

I Think It's Time to Talk About It

Since it's been over a week I feel like it's now "official" and I can blog about it.

We are potty training. 

We totally stumbled into this, you see. No plans by us to begin, no time limit or goals to be reached. There was no course of action or even any idea how to go about it. It just happened.

Let me back up a little. We have been talking to Jay about the potty for over a year now. I mean, he knows what the potty is and what it's used for and how to use it. He has told us for almost 10 months now when he goes teetee or poopoo in his diaper. Every time he tells us we would ask, "Ok! You wanna go in the potty?" This was usually met with a no and we left it at that. 

We also have done a lot of diaper-less play. Sometimes it would be outside and he would just go in the grass or on the concrete, sometimes it would be inside and he would go on the potty, and sometimes it would be inside and he would just go wherever he was playing. There has been lots of cleaning up by us. 

There were also lots of times that he wore big boy underwear. Between three older boy cousins, we had our share of cool 2T/3T big boy underwear. He loved wearing them, and one of his favorite things to do was to wear them over his diaper. Ha! 

While potty training was on our radar to work on in the next 6 months-1 year, it was definitely not something we were going to do now. Or soon. It's a LOT of work for the parents! And let's just be honest- I wasn't up for it right now. In fact, our pediatrician is a firm believer of "When they're ready, they're ready." He said especially with boys to wait longer than you think- boys just typically aren't into it much earlier than three years old. 

So last Saturday morning (yes, 8 days ago- the Saturday before Easter), Jay woke up like normal. I went to get him from his bed and as he stood up to get in my arms, he said, "I not wear a diaper, Mommy." Hmm, ok. So we didn't. We put on some big boy underwear and went downstairs. 

This wasn't super atypical- he usually would prefer to go naked all day every day. And sometimes he did ask to wear underwear. But he never asked first thing in the morning. I just went with it.

We had breakfast and played and played outside and had neighbors over. We watched Daddy do the lawn and he never once asked for a diaper. In fact, he told me when he needed to teetee and he went in the potty or in the grass (boys are so easy!). It was great!

This pattern continued all day, though we did stick a diaper on before nap (with underwear OVER them). He was not happy about this- and put up a fight for nap AND nighttime diapers. Kid was just over diapers for the moment I guess.

That Saturday we went to two different restaurants with underwear on AND the dog park (no bathrooms) and we didn't have any accidents! Crazy! We also had a flashlight Easter Egg hunt with our neighbors and during it Jay said he had to go poop. I ran home with him and plopped him on the toilet- and he pooped (for the first time EVER!) in the potty!!!!!!

In fact, this continued on Sunday where we went to church in underwear, then had all of our Easter festivities, then over to my parents' house Sunday night for Easter dinner. No accidents at all. Again, diapers for nap and bedtime- except I was noticing that he was waking up with a dry diaper after both of those, too. He pooped on the potty again on Sunday. 

Just a fluke I kept telling myself. At no point did we force him OR talk him into this. If he wanted to go back to diapers we were ready to let him. I just don't believe in forcing or "training" kids. No three day bootcamp for us! If he didn't want to do this, he didn't have to... I also didn't want this to be where I asked him if he needed to go every 15 minutes. I feel like that is kind of defeating the purpose of training the kid. That's more like training the parents to ask and training the kid to try all the time. Not that there is anything wrong with that approach, it just wasn't the route we wanted to take.

Monday came and went in underwear, except he fell asleep in the car on the way home and I didn't have a chance to put a diaper on him. So I let him nap in his underwear, but put a towel down under him on his bed. I was a nervous wreck during those two hours. He woke up dry. Interesting.

Tuesday was a school day. The biggest test. Someone other than mommy around to notice his signs or (very seldom) ask him if he needed to go. I felt terrible putting this off on his teachers, and thought about keeping him home. But he went to school in underwear. We showed him where the potty was in the classroom, talked about telling his teachers, and I went on my way. I was SO nervous all day. In case you are counting we were at ZERO accidents at this point. I was worried how he would react if he went in his pants. Well, my worrying was for nothing, because when I picked him up he was still in his original clothes! WOW!

We went to lunch with my best friend and her son at McDonald's. Once we got there, we got our food and got the boys settled on the playground. Just as Charley was starting to eat, it happened. Our first accident. He teeteed on the floor and was slightly panicked. Poor guy. 

We cleaned him up, cleaned the restaurant up, and changed his clothes. He played and again went down for a nap with underwear on. The rest of the day was great. 

Wednesday came and it was school again. I picked him up and he was in other clothes. Bummer. Accident at school. His teachers said he was just so busy playing that he forgot and just went. Ugh. 

I thought for sure it would be back to diapers. But he refused and put up a fight at the suggestion of it. So we stuck with underwear. 

By Thursday he figured out if he was playing outside to take off his own shorts and undies and go in the grass! He was so proud of himself! I came in the house to start getting dinner ready and he came in yelling, "Mommy! I go teetee outside all by myself!" I thought for sure it was probably in his pants. He wanted to show me where he went, so I followed him outside, and low and behold his clothes were dry! Woohoo! This was a big step! 

Thursday night I made the executive decision to put him down in underwear. He had been waking up every single morning with a dry diaper. I thought we might as well give it a try. All Thursday night I slept so poorly waiting to hear if he had wet his bed in the middle of the night. I checked the monitor obsessively!

Friday morning was met with a dry bed!!!!! What an accomplishment!

(On a sidenote, I did put those puppy pee pads under his sheet- on top of his mattress cover, over a towel. I figured we might as well be prepared!)

The weekend went the same- no more accidents and dry naps and nights. 

While I'm sure the accident and wet bed is still inevitable, I feel confident enough saying that we are officially potty training. 

I guess it's true what the experts say, "When you're ready, you're ready."

I can't even believe how seamless this has gone for us. I have always told everyone that Jay is such a reasoner. I firmly believed that one day it would just "click" and that potty training him would be relatively easy. Boy, do I know my kid or what?! I also believe this about breaking him of his pacifier- stay tuned to see if that's the case or not in the future. I just kind of feel like one day he will just not need it anymore.

One of my favorite pictures to date...
Jay and his Daddy holding hands, Tex by their side... 
Am I a lucky girl or what!?

I do think it's funny though to see my little boy in his underwear- with his pacifier. Gotta love him. 

Now I will just have to prepare myself for a TOUGH road whenever it's time to potty train Charley. It can't possibly be this easy twice, can it?!


the blogivers said...

Hoping and praying we have the same luck whenever Davis is ready! :)

Jules said...

Way to go Jay ( and Mama for knowing your boy so well!). I'm trying to not stress about the who,e potty training issue. Bennett has showed NO signs of being ready! Claire ,iChat be potty trained before him :)

Emily said...

Awesome, Jay!!! Send some of those good potty vibes this way. Right before bath time is the only time Carson will go in the potty at home. He does pretty good at school just because there are so many other kids going. I'm right there with ya on the "when they're ready, they are ready" thing!

Meagan said...

GOOOO, JAY!!!!!! That picture of him with his paci is SO darn cute!

Casey Charles said...

Wow! Go Jay! This story is very encouraging!