Monday, April 1, 2013

Hippity Hoppity Hoo!

I know, I know... It's Bippity Boppity Boo... But it just sounded so cute with H's...

Easter came and went and we had a great time! From the neighborhood egg hunt to the church egg hunt to the egg hunt at school for Jay and the one at our house, I think the kids had their fill of egg hunting (each would get just a few eggs and then want to look inside- such a sweet, simple world). Charley was surprisingly (or not) such a pro at this- I had never shown her what to do- she just instinctively knew!

Both kids were precious and loved seeing what the Easter Bunny brought them. Mommy and Daddy loved having Daddy home an extra day on Good Friday and having lots of family and friends time.

 Neighborhood Egg Hunt
My Little Posing Girl


The outfit was cute- wish those shorts were pulled down!

Getting Our Easter Baskets at Home
His and Hers

Love this! Girlfriend gets SO excited about chocolate!

Church Egg Hunt!
Family Photo Attempt- FAIL

She is currently OBSESSED with her baby dolls. All girl.

Second attempt at Family Photo- not bad...

At Home Egg Hunt

He is so obsessed with our new tree!

Love this action shot- the ball is right by my dad's left shoulder
She's got quite the arm!

Love this of Anthony and Jay

By the end right before naps- 
NO ONE was cooperating for any more pics! Blah!

I love this one of my mom  :)

Charley loves asking "Where Go?" when she doesn't seem someone/something.
And she does this with her hands. So cute. 

FINALLY! A decent one!

Other Easter Shenanigans
Holding baby chicks with our neighbors

Daddy multitasking!

Playing with Taylor

Philbeck and Squillante kids bouncing together!

Dinner with the self-proclaimed "Muffin Man"
and my family
Not sure where he came up with that?!

Philbecks on the left, Squillantes on the right
Our boys are three weeks apart and the girls are 2 months
Anthony and Tim were roommates in college and I love his wife, Jordan!

Charley is beyond obsessed with her cousin Josh!

Sharing some breakfast!

Such a wonderful weekend! Can't wait until next year!  :)


the blogivers said...

Love their Easter baskets and Easter outfits!!

Ashlie said...

Beautiful family! I love Charlie's smocked Easter dress. I'm obsessed with anything smocked.