Monday, April 15, 2013

Family Time

Eek... I was a bad blogger last week!

My little sister was in town from California and my grandmother from Wisconsin. Any and all free time was spent with them. Michelle left Friday, and Kiki (second sister) and her family came in town Friday night.

It was a FUN (and busy!) week/weekend, and Grammy left today.

Let me just tell you- my kids were obsessed with Grammy!

This is one of two or three times they have seen her- and they loved her! She was so good about letting them warm up and not getting in their face. She was calm and quiet- and once they did warm up- she was perfect! You can tell she's done this kid thing a time or two! I think her count is 5 kids, 17 grandkids, and 11 great-grandkids!

My kids were equally obsessed with Auntie Shell Shell being in town. In fact, Charley straight up refused me any time Michelle was around. CK was always in her lap or arms. When I would try to relieve Michelle, she would shake her head no and cling to Michelle. Stinker! And honestly, nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids love their family members! And Jay couldn't get enough of Michelle. He was always talking to her, showing her things, and asking her to play. Poor Michelle- it definitely wasn't a vacation for her- but I'm SO thankful she was here!

And she spent the night here Thursday night and we stayed up WAY too late talking and laughing- oh how I miss that! Anthony was sweet and went to bed early so we could have some girl time. Smart guy :)

Here are some pics from our week/weekend- of course I took hardly any. I will have to mooch off my fam!

 Happy Playland Playdate with the Moriartys!

Charley's favorite place- the center of whatever is going on!
The boys were so good to her!

It started out so sweet and then he tackled her off :)

 Celebrating Jonah's birthday at the zoo!

Josh is amazing! 
Holding two kittens and letting Charley point out his eye (slash poke it)

Two babies... Two diaper changes

Zoo fun!

Grammy and her Tim Moriarty great-grandkids...
Look at the tantrum going on along the bottom... Sigh...

Jay's favorite thing!

Cousin lunch!

So fun! Love you Grams!!

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Jules said...

Family is the best! I'm glad you got to spend so much time with Michelle! I love any time I get with my sis!!
I'm convinced you do have the best nephews! Can they come play with my kids? :)