Thursday, April 11, 2013

Broken Day

From the title of this post you might think I'm going to go into some really deep and traumatic story about a horrible day I had yesterday...

Quite the opposite! It was actually a really fantastic day! My little sister is in town (woohoo!!!) and my  Grandmother (dad's mom) is in town! We went to my parents' house first thing yesterday morning to see them and my kids were in heaven!

Not only were they so happy to have more people around to show off for, but I am pretty sure they didn't "need" me once yesterday. Like, anytime I would reach for Charley she would shake her head no and turn into Michelle for safety. Ha! Little stinker! And Jay was in heaven and probably didn't stop talking all day long. To Grammy, to Michelle, and to Grandeb. And then we met up with JJ and Jill and it was over. These kids love their family.

However, before the super exciting day started, we had a little mishap yesterday morning.

Jay and I were snuggling in his bed. I was sitting up and he had his head in my lap. I was bent over him kind of snuggling, rubbing his back. Then he got some great idea and POPPED his head up really fast to tell me. Except he hit my chin really hard, which made my bottom teeth hit my top teeth. And I cracked my tooth.

Look at the top center right tooth. I know it's not huge, but you'd be amazed what that little chip can get snagged on- my lip, tongue... Ugh. Plus, it hurt. 

So I went into the dentist and they could work me in at 945. I got there and they informed me that I would be waiting 30 minutes (wait, I thought you said you could work me in at 945?! I would have come at 1015 if I would have known that I would just be sitting there). Anyway, it took about two minutes to round off and cost $20- not bad! The dentist said she was glad I came in because of the way it chipped it was likely it could have split all the way up at some point. Eek. 

So the finished product... 

Jay was devastated he broke mommy's tooth. Of course I wasn't upset with him at all. Things like that just happen. And I'm so glad I could get it fixed!

It was a super day and even better once Daddy got home and Grammy, Michelle, and mom joined us for dinner. My kids were in heaven yet again- so many of the faves together.

After we put Charley down, Jay was up with his second wind showing off for everyone. As he was running laps around our downstairs (seriously!), he went through the kitchen with his circus elphy and knocked over a (not cheap) glass. Shattered. All over the floor. Bah!

So I spent the next while cleaning it up and laughing about the tornado that he was all day.

I think this is just a sign of things to come with a little boy? Sigh...

Anyway, the day really was great- though filled with broken things... On to a better day today!  :)


the blogivers said...

Nice work, dentist! I chipped one of my front 2 teeth CHEWING A PIECE OF GUM, and while I did get it rounded off eventually, you can totally tell that they are uneven... not so with yours!

Emily said...

Glad yours was just a little chip! And yes, these boys area mess!! Carson is missing 1/2 of one of his front teeth and both of my front ones were broken completely in 1/2 in 5th grade. Fun stuff!

Brittany Sciba said...

It looks great! I'm sure that really hurt though!

Ashley said...

I had no idea the dentist could fix something like that!! Awesome. I also didn't realize I've been misspelling elphy. Good thing Jay can't read yet!