Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bloggy Books

Who has published their blog into books?

What site did you use?

I have checked a couple and some seem better than others for sure.

I want to keep pretty much the same format (pictures inserted throughout- not just randomly on the side) and I want comments to appear.

Need suggestions!

Thanks in advance!


Steph said...

I am interested in the same thing! Let me know what you find out :)

ChelseaSalomone said...

Blog2Print. OBSESSED!! And they have coupons if you google it. Just got mine in for 2012 and it looks awesome.

Jenni said...

I wish this was like facebook where I could comment just to see all the responses. Let me know what you decide...I have always wanted to do this, too!

Emily said...

I had a friend use Blurb and the book turned out absolutely beautifully... not sure how user friendly it is though. I skipped the tutorial (probably my mistake) and tried to start one on my own but got frustrated and gave up. Will definitely be checking back here to hear other people's suggestions.

Gillian said...

I used Blurb and it turned out beautifully but took a lot of time and effort. Also, I had to reinsert pictures, etc. but the final product was really professional looking!

Thinking of using a different website for next year's book, to kind of compare!