Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A House to a Home

I wrote this post on January 8. JANUARY 8, people!!! Somehow it slipped through the cracks, and I just found it... I felt the need to add a teeny bit more (in italics) from the original post, but I also wanted to post it...

It's nuts to me that we've now been in our home for a year! I remember seeing this little gem pop up on the home search engine. I immediately emailed our realtor and made an appointment to go see it first thing the next morning. I loved it right away. A few things here and there needed some touching up, but I could see the potential. Plus, the open floor plan and beautiful slate floors really had me!

After making Anthony come see it (and talking him into it- the house was empty and it was hard for him to see the "vision" I had), we put in an offer! We went back and forth and finally they accepted. We went through all the steps then just waited for closing. In case you needed a recap, you can go here and here

We loved loved loved our last home, our first home. It was quaint and special and perfect to us. We had beautiful memories there and so much fun. Other than memories made there, my favorite things about that house were the gorgeous climbing trees in front, the insanely beautiful wood floors (that's the first thing that sold me!), and the patio.

Unfortunately, our expanding family needed more space. Our last home had 4 bedrooms- yes, that's plenty of space! However, the layout and square footage made you feel like you were on top of each other and when company was there it got loud by Jay's room!

Anthony and I laugh about how we "survived" in that house. Our home now has been even more amazing than we could have imagined! So much more space and the kids' bedrooms are upstairs away from company and friends over for a visit! No more stressing out about doing the dishes and waking the kids up. And no more worrying that if we have people over that they will wake the kids! That has been the most incredible blessing yet! The living space is huge and we can actually sit at a real table for a meal! :)

The pool was used just about every day during the hot months. And probably the absolute best part of our new home is the neighbors/community. We had great neighbors at our last house- people were so sweet and visited in the street and chatted. We all still exchange texts/facebook messages/emails. But the people here are amazing, too. And the best part- they have kids! Our kids are by far the youngest- by several years. But they all love our babies and love playing with them. Every single day we have at least one neighborhood kid in our house in the afternoons- and there are usually more than that. They just know to walk in and they grab their snacks and know just where everything is. My kids love them. We love the adult neighbors, too. They love our kids like their own- inviting them over, passing toys/clothes down, letting us go acorn searching or lizard hunting in their backyards and use their trampolines. It truly is a community. And we are more blessed in that way than we could have ever imagined. 

We absolutely love the neighborhood we are in! It just feels right. Hike/bike trail down the street with access to a 12 mile trail (26 round trip). People are always out doing things. And everyone here takes really good care of their lawns/houses, etc... It's just such a nice feel.

Our first year was seriously more than we could have imagined. This house has definitely become our home. We love this place so much. I'm so thankful to raise my babies here. 

I love the memories we have already made in this home, and I look forward to many, many more!

What a difference a year makes! Easter 2012 and Easter 2013! 
For some dumb reason we didn't take a far away one this year... Bah!
But no more dirt (why did we decide removing the ground cover right before Easter last year was a good idea?!)... We cut down the dead tree and have planted a new oak- leaving our mark for years to come!  :)


the blogivers said...

Hoping one day Wade and I will be able to find (and afford!) the perfect house for us and say all the same things! Glad you guys have been so happy there!

J & J Brymer said...

Such a sweet reminder of God's faithfulness in providing for your sweet family... So happy for y'all!

Sarah said...

Your home looks beautiful! I can't wait to settle into one home for a while!

Ashley said...

I love how you describe your neighborhood!! Makes me want to move to Texas even more.