Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Confessions

I was all smug because BOTH of my kids slept until I woke them at 830 this morning (that has never happened!)! However, Mother Nature didn't let me get too excited because I spent twenty minutes cleaning up four different piles of Charley poop all over the downstairs (how does such a tiny body have that much poo inside it?!?!) and made us late for school and Gymboree. Joke's on me guys- no more diaper-less girl for a long time!

I get Jay the fish bites from McDonald's and feel 1,000 times less guilty because its gotta be healthier than nuggets, right?

I was trying to deal with an insanely fussy Charley yesterday (who thought a 45 minute nap was a good idea?!?), and while doing that Jay looked at Charley's toy-filled room and said, "I going to pick her toys up Momma." I was so grateful for that moment (he actually did pick them ALL up) that I took him downstairs and gave him four pieces of chocolate for being such a good boy! I don't use that to bribe, but I WILL give the surprise reward every once in a while!

I haven't done the kids' laundry in over two weeks. They have worn just about everything clean (and a lot of dirty stuff). I ran out of things to put them in and am pretty sure they have worn several things that aren't size appropriate and/or unseasonably warm/cold clothes. It's time, Courtney. It's time.

I have offered to put Jay down the past several night so I could get out of doing the dishes. I need a break from it.

I am going to start exclusively shopping at Loft because their clothes run big so they make you think you are in a size smaller than you really are. Well played, Ann Taylor.

I happily agreed to watch my sister's kids because it meant I had an activity to do one afternoon until Daddy got home. Well, that and I love them to pieces of course ;)

I was equally as excited to take the kids to the rodeo for the food as I was for "their pure enjoyment." C'mon, you know it's THAT good.


the blogivers said...

I get excitd to take Davis to birthday parties bc they usually have good food - that's way more lame than being excited about food at the rodeo! :)

Jenni said...

On my way to Loft...