Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Praying and Clinging and Beppos

Jay volunteered to stand up and lead the prayer during Sunday School at our church this past Sunday!!!!!!!

It's a 2-5 year old class that they have during regular church (like a kid's church so they can learn instead of sitting through the whole sermon- but not just playing in the nursery). Anthony and I volunteered to teach the class the month of March. We are studying Baby Moses and that's always a fun lesson to teach.

Anyway, we come to the floor and sing songs and then before the lesson we have a kid say the prayer. I know the people who teach the class each month, and I know for sure Jay has never wanted to do this. Some other little ones do, but not Jay. He is painfully shy. It's usually the bigger kids who lead the prayer and they are always so sweet (always thanking God for the immediate family and any "issues" their family might pray about at home).

So this past Sunday I asked for volunteers and Jay's hand shot up! I called on him to do it, and he came up to the front of the group, folded those precious little hands, and in the TEENIEST voice prayed. It was all I could do to hold back the tears. It might have been my proudest moment as a parent. I'm so thankful Anthony and I were there to witness it. What a special special thing.

Clearly not at church
I love how we can't get ONE decent smile outta this kid!

Things have been pretty busy around here lately. Not abnormal or fun or crazy, just normal-busy. I feel like we never stop. But I also feel like we don't have anything major to show for it. School, Gymboree, play dates, hanging out with my fam... It just keeps us busy. And that's a good thing because it makes the days go by.

 Chick-fil-a after the Children's museum

Costco with Jill and JJ

These two.... 

Rainforest Cafe!

Man, Jay has been insanely clingy lately. Like glue. I can't leave the room to get a glass of water without him panicking. And anytime I get dressed he panics and thinks the babysitter is coming over. Poor guy. And because of that he has needed (not just wanted-actually needed) the comfort of his pacifier and blanket so much more. It's all day long right now. I know this is just a phase, but it's a tough one.

I love that he wants me/needs me, but I also want him to be carefree and fearless. He has started to worry about EVERYTHING. "Wook at the clouds, Mom. It's gonna rain! Hurry and get inside!" or "A buggy is inside our house!" (the buggy in question was a mosquito hawk- totally not a scary buggy!). Things that he used to not care about totally stress him out. It makes me sad. Before I had kids I would totally judge parents and think, "Oh, they must talk about that stuff around their kids. That's why they are reacting that way." But we DON'T talk about any of the things he worries about. Because frankly, I don't care about the weather or mosquito hawks.

It's weird.

Oh, and four days last week Charley took only one nap and it was only 45 minutes!!!! What?! Not ok with me. I think we are moving to one nap a day- which kills me because we've got such a good thing going right now! A little catnap in the morning for her and then they are both down for a few hours at the same time in the afternoon. It's a little slice of heaven for me each day. I am going to be bummed when CK needs to nap from 12-2 and Jay from 2-4. Blah!

She does not let go of that white blanket EVER- awake or asleep
And she now uses a pillow- such a big girl... xoxo

On a non-downer note, Charley's talking has just exploded! Girl tries to say everything! She is just like her brother. Honestly, her vocabulary amazes me. How in the world we were blessed with two talkers is beyond me. I have a feeling our Thanksgivings will never be quiet though!

But seriously, she can now make a jillion animal sounds when she sees pictures of them or when we ask her what something says. She also tries to repeat everything. She can name every single person in my family (except baby Austen- she just calls her baby!). I will try to post some videos of her talking soon. Just amazing to me! This one video is from last week- she can already say 8 more animal sounds in just five days time! NUTS! My favorite highlights from the video are that she calls hippos "beppos" and her lion sound (seriously to die for!).

It's also funny to me that the other day while Jay was napping she was just toddling around downstairs while I was picking up. She got Gymbo out (from Gymboree) and was walking around repeating something. It sounded like Kiki to me (my sister's name). As I looked in on her, she had Gymbo sitting on Jay's potty- she was saying TeeTee!!!! I asked her if Gymbo was going teetee and she said, "Yeahhh!" It was hilarious! Not to mention she is more interested in things going potty than her older brother! Bah! Kids....

We are planning on having a super busy, super fun Spring Break! Looking forward to lots of cousin time!!!

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the blogivers said...

I have always been a worrier (not necessarily about the weather and bugs, of course) and neither of my parents are really like that - but my grandmother definitely is. So who knows where he got it, but I'm sure he will outgrow stressing about the silly things eventually :)