Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Own Safari

I love when Daddies have the day off work. I love doing FUN things together as a family, I love having help, and I love getting the opportunity to watch my kids play with and love on their daddy.

This morning we took a fun family trip down to Alvin to Bayou Wildlife Park. It's an "African Safari" right outside of Houston. It took us about an hour to get there (ugh) and sweet little Charley Kate decided she wasn't napping on the way.

So our time there started out a little rough. An overly tired Charley. BUT, we bought two buckets of feed and began our quest for some animal fun!

Giraffes, longhorns, an insane amount of deer/hoofed animals, alligators, llamas, lemurs, a rhino, zebra, a zonkey (zebra-donkey!), donkeys, buffalo, water buffalo, camels, dromedaries, kangaroos... just to name a FEW! Seriously, there were so many animals it was crazy. And Jay knew just about all of them. Even the distinction of water buffalo and wildebeests and dromedaries and greater kudus. Seriously, y'all. This kid knows his stuff.

We did a little looking and a lot of petting zoo fun. We fed what we could and petted even more, and waited for our tram spot.

We loaded on and just about when Anthony and I started thinking this was a waste (the kids were having a blast but we can do a petting zoo and a regular zoo anywhere), it got a LOT better. The tram ride was awesome. Both kids were mesmerized. They loved ALL the different animals to look at (and there were a LOT). They LOVED feeding them out of their buckets and throwing food their way. They loved being up close and Jay really loved being on an "Aprican Safari!"

After the tram ride we rode a horse and loaded up to head home. It was a GREAT trip- totally worth the drive, exhaustion, and lack of food.

Some of the not as fun points- Charley was in a terrible mood (she was a pistol- throwing dirt, fussing when we wouldn't let her carry- and dump- the bucket of food, harassing Jay, not wanting to stay in the tram...), no food there (I only brought a few snacks), Jay being obsessed with not stepping on the poop (that was everywhere), and mommy and daddy not figuring out how to get on the tram.

Honestly, Jay's excitement as he held the bucket and let the GINORMOUS buffalo and the nasty ostrich eat right out of his hands made it totally worth it. Totally.

Love seeing that kid happy.

Huge horns

Loving the goats

 My two- just making themselves one with the goats

The face we got pretty much all day from her  :)

Love this one!

 They totally wouldn't cooperate and pose... Sigh...

On the tram ride!

Divvying up the food! 

Taking off!

Family shot... as good as it gets!

Eek! They get up in there!

Pretty thing...

One of the giraffes

This guy was GIANT. Jay was so brave. 
Mommy was a little scared!

Looking at the zebras


Charley getting brave!

PS- I know his bottom wasn't buckled in. 
This was the last five minutes of our drive in our neighborhood
Get over it. 

She passed out as soon as we got in the car. 

Shout out to Anthony- this was definitely one of "those" days and I couldn't have done this with both of these kids alone. Maybe when they are a little older, but it was so great having Anthony there. I think next time he has a day off of work, he might not take it, though  :)


the blogivers said...

Sounds like a fun family day to me! Makes me wish my husband got the day off today :)

The Scott Family said...

Fun family!!!

Jules said...

How fun!! I've never heard of this place. We'll have to check it out!

The Torno's said...

Tyson has gone there on field trips before and loved it. I'm glad to see these pics though because now I know that Hailey would be absolutely terrified there. It will have to be a mommy-son trip for us :)