Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nothing Cuter Than a Fluffy Puppy

My goodness- we have enjoyed two precious golden puppies over the last weekend!

My mom and Michelle each got a puppy from our dog Tex's sister's litter. So Uncle Tex got to meet his nieces this weekend!

These puppies are beyond precious! My kids LOVED them! Jay liked them and took great care of them, but Charley was seriously obsessed. She kissed each one no less than 1000 times each day. Seriously- that girl and kissing animals!

They loved trying to get her bow!

While those puppies couldn't have been any cuter, I am so thankful they are someone else's that we get to enjoy!!! I have two "puppies" of my own to deal with...   :)


The Joiners said...

Ahhh I really can't handle these pictures! And then throwing pictures of the kids into the mix... just too much cuteness!

the blogivers said...

I have to agree with Amanda! My only saving grace is that I am allergic to most dogs, so it will prevent me from ever hoarding puppies in my house :)

Jules said...

Those puppies are so cute, but Charley's shoes might be cuter :)