Monday, March 18, 2013


One of my very favorite times of the day with my kids is the morning.

Though I am NOT a morning person and I prefer to ease into the day, having kids has totally rocked that mindset. I hear that first cry and I bolt out of bed, heart racing, grab the monitor to then listen for Jay, and run up the stairs. Typically it's super duper early and I still have a chance to rock Charley back to sleep and get another hour or so of sleep in the glider (it's a recliner too and insanely comfortable).

Then it's usually up before 7 with sweet Charley Kate. She is SO happy when she wakes. All smiles and immediately starts signing for food. Girl is like her momma and wakes up hungry! She usually gives me 5,000 kisses and we just snuggle for a bit.

We head downstairs and her enthusiasm is impossible not to catch as she says good morning to "Tes" and "Ehhhh-a." She waves and calls their name with the biggest smile. I set her down and she runs to each giving them 100 pat-pats (way too hard for their liking I'm sure) and lots of kisses. It's so genuine and sweet.

I go get her something to eat (yogurt, fruity snacks (the real ones or dried fruit), fruit, oatmeal, granola bar...) and some water. We sit on the couch together as I continue to wake up or we sit on the floor so she can continue loving on Tex and Ella.

She starts her "Hurricane Charley" mode and starts playing with anything she can get her hands on. Typically we play iPad a little since big brother isn't awake to fight with over it. Mommy gets breakfast and Spark and we play and wait.

Then we hear it, "Moooommmmmyyyyy!" on the monitor. We both look at each other and that girl gets a smile as big as Texas! "Day!!!!" she yells! It's usually around 8 and we both head up to get him.

Charley lunges out of my arms to greet her brother on the bed. "Day! Day! Day!" and tries to pat-pat and snuggle and kiss all over him. Unfortunately, Jay is like me and takes a loooong time to wake up. He is less than receptive to his sister, but there is almost always a little grin of enjoyment on his face.

I carry them both down the stairs (one on each hip), and plop them both on the couch. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on (although now Jay is totally enjoying Team Umizoomi, Dora, Diego, and Bubble Guppies).

Jay doesn't like to eat right away, but he can down a juice like it's nobody's business- in about five seconds.

He sits and wakes up and plays iPad while Charley and I pick up and get things ready for the day.

Jay eventually eats, I somehow get everyone dressed (though usually not myself! If I do, my bathroom gets torn apart while Charley waits!!), and Charley is ready to GET OUT. We always have some sort of morning outing- Charley (and I!) get cabin fever. By 9-930 we are out the door and off to run errands, go to school, play at Grandeb's or JJ's, or meet up with some friends.

Look guys, it's not glamorous. But it IS the best part of my day. Each day I get to wake up to two of my very favorite faces in the whole world. For a couple hours, life is simple and just plain good. And that, my friends, is what I call blessed.


the blogivers said...

Sounds like a sweet morning routine to me :)

Jules said...

As much as I hate waking up in the mornings ( not a morning person), it's still my favorite time of day too :)