Sunday, March 24, 2013

Love and Support!

First off, what a fantastic response to my last post Defending the Stay at Home Mom! Please share this with your friends and remind them to read all the comments!

It was so great to hear that other stay at home moms and working moms alike feel the same way! Many of you said it well- that is just called Mom Guilt! We all have it and sometimes it just takes over every part of our lives! I honestly think that means we are tuned into our kids and are constantly thinking about what is best for them/us/our families.

And to the few of you who said you had never felt this way- good for you! You are clearly doing a perfect job and maybe you can give us lessons on how to be so great in life! :)

Honestly, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I think the most important thing that came out of this post for me was the fact that there is support from both sides. I am totally in awe of both working mothers and stay at home moms and how so many can be chipper and happy and loving and creative and good cooks and good wives after working all day or chasing kids all day. What it all boils down to is the fact that it's hard work no matter what- and knowing that there are women out there on both sides that respect the other side is just incredible.

So thank you for sharing!  :)

We had a great weekend of swimming (before it got cold!), Easter Egg hunt, birthday parties, baseball games, dinners with friends, celebrating Tex's 5th birthday, church, playing with neighbors, hanging out with cousins and grandparents, and playing some more. I absolutely love the weekends when Anthony is home and we get to spend all the time in the world together.

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Evan, Courtney, Porter & Eli said...

CUTEST kid in goggles i've ever seen!