Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life Around Here is Never "Born"

Charley got her first ear infection this week! I would call waiting 13 months to get one a success! She (like Jay) never ran a fever or showed any major signs. She was just "off." She was overly clingy and wouldn't let me put her down, she didn't want to play, she woke up screaming crying in the middle of the night (I guess that one was a major sign). So after three days of baby wearing, I decided to take her in. Sure enough, ear infection.

One of the major hurdles of treating this thing is that girlfriend HATES taking medicine. You know how some people say, "Oh my kid hates taking medicine? I have to force them to do it."? No, mine really absolutely refuses. I have to hold her down, open her mouth, shove the dropper in, and keep her mouth closed. It's super fun. And after all that, she will hold it in there and then spit it out. No one ever accused her of not being stubborn! Bah! And look guys, you can comment all you want about "coaxing" her or tricking her into it- not gonna happen. I've tried it all. So after a particularly AWFUL session with forcing the medicine down, I gave up. 

I mixed her antibiotic in with some yogurt last night. She took it all down! Yes! And then, I wanted her to take some ibuprofen before bed. What did I do? Put it in her bottle. So she chose to drink pink, flavored milk, but wouldn't just "take" the medicine. (!!!!) Girlfriend, you owe me- I'm working hard to make this pleasant for you!... Anyway, both things worked great and she has continued to take both medicines that way. Phew! I never fully appreciated how well Jay took medicine until now....

Speaking of, he has an ear infection too. We went to the doctor last Saturday after being up for two hours in the middle of the night in pain (yup- same Saturday I threw a baby shower... great timing!). Luckily, Daddy had Charley running errands so I could manage Jay alone. The doctor said it looked "pretty awful in there." Poor guy. And in order to look in there, he told Jay he was going to look for some birdies and then made this fantastic bird sound. Jay was intrigued.

Except the rest of the day, my little thinker decided those "birdies" were causing him pain and wanted them out right away! Ha! Backfire!

Anyway, we are like a freakin' pharmacy over here between two sets of antibiotics, ibuprofen, ear drops, and probiotics for tummy issues from the antibiotics... Sheesh. 

On another note, Jay has said some funny things lately...
-He was watching an old Pink Panther episode on his iPad. He loves PP by the way- laughs so hard! Anyway, he was watching one and looked at me and said, "Nah, I not want this one Mom. It born." Like he even knows what boring is! And I love how his version of the word was so close.
-He also started telling me things are "grossy" if he doesn't like them. Hmm..
-We were talking about friends and people we were going to see at a park play date. I mentioned a few names and when I got to Jude he said, "No. Jude not MY friend. Jude is Charyey's friend. Jude wuvs Charyey. And Jill wuvs me. And Daddy wuvs you." So much goes on in that little boy's head. I had never heard him really talk about Anthony's and my relationship before. I was happy to see his noticed :)

He also had his first "Mommy is not there" play date at a friend's house. It happened to be our neighbor two doors down. It's a four year old boy Braden that Jay thinks hung the moon. Braden comes over and they play here or outside (and we've all gone over to their house a few times). But I feel so intrusive just sitting in the neighbor's house watching them play. So I walked him down the other day and when the boys went upstairs to play Charley and I snuck out. I can't say that I wasn't apprehensive/nervous/stressed for the ten minutes he was over there. Ha! I started walking back to check on things (yup i was THAT mom and I'm sure my sweet neighbor thinks I'm nuts), and they all met me half way with a tear-streaked Jay. He got scared.

No problem, little buddy. This momma isn't ready for you to leave the nest just yet either.

So until I nudge them out to learn how to fly, we will be hanging out together... Figuring out ways to sneak in medicine and keep life from getting too "born."


the blogivers said...

Hope both your babies feel better and are sickness-free for awhile! Although it looks like they are still having fun despite their sicknesses :)

ChelseaSalomone said...

I am cracking up at Jay's comment "BORN"- he is such a funny little guy!! I don't think I commented but I enjoyed your "morning" post the other day as well. It inspired me to do a day in the life at some point soon. And PS I was super impressed you guys are out of the house by 9:30 every morning. Unless we go to stroller strides I'm still shuffling around in my PJs at that point.

Brooke T said...

Those probiotics are so expensive too! We are currently on the same meds :-)

Michelle said...

Haha those pics are all awesome! And I love little Jay bird, he is hilarious!