Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good Things

There have been so many good things going on around here lately... I just want to make sure I write them down so that one day I can remember that I actually DID enjoy the "moment" when it happened.

We have enjoyed many blessings lately, but our relationships have definitely bloomed now more than ever.

Husband and Wife
Anthony and I have had so much fun together lately! We've had lots of opportunities for date nights/dinners/rodeo/movie... It's been great to be a wife again- not just a mom! I've loved dressing up for my husband, going out, talking, flirting, and just plain having fun together. We have had to set aside a lot of time, make some sacrifices, and pay lots of $$ for babysitters, but there have just been several opportunities lately for us to hang out, and it's been amazing! I'm so thankful for a husband who loves me, who treats me like a queen, and the fact that I have someone that I'm so crazy about. I'm also thankful that our kids are getting to a place where we can be gone a little more than before. Charley is easy (knock on wood) to put down, and Jay does relatively well without us. But I'm also happy that Anthony and I can see that one of the greatest things we can do for our kids is to love each other. To show them that Mommy and Daddy are first to each other. We want to have a strong marriage to show them one day, and that begins now.

Family Time
Not only that, but we've had lots of "Just the four of us" time lately, too. We've made a huge point to hang out just as a family of four. Sometimes it's hard to remember to do that. There are lots of opportunities to hang out with friends and extended family. Sometimes it's easier and fun to call someone up to join you for dinner or to accept that invitation to go to the zoo/park/whatever with another family. But it's so important to make time for just our little family. We spend virtually every weeknight together- just the four of us. But it's easy to get in our little rut of a routine- eat dinner, play, bathe, kids to bed, then out for the night. It's been awesome lately to do things we don't normally do- go to College Station for the day, head to the outlets together, hit up the park, go out to eat without anyone else.

While I'm so extremely grateful for the friends and family we have, I'm also so appreciative of the time I have with my family. And we just have more and more fun together!

Jay's (and now Charley's!) favorite thing to do EVERY night after dinner and dessert is to go into our den, grab my phone, and shout, "DANCE PARTY!" He requests Gangnam Style (of course), and as soon as Charley hears that beat, her little bootie starts shaking and Jay starts flapping his chicken wings (not sure how he picked up that dance move, but it's definitely his signature). All four of us dance around the house, make a conga line... you name it. It's so silly and if anyone ever saw it I would be mortified, but I never pass up an opportunity like this. These kinds of things won't last forever!

Did I mention how much I love these guys?!
 Jay loves for everyone to have a pacifier with him!

 Just a normal night of baby jail...

Someone fell asleep putting Charley down... 

Jay put Daddy to bed... Covered him with a blankie, gave him a pappy, and gave him lots of stuffed animals to keep him company. And then sang and patted him. Sweetest ever. 

Mommy Time
And finally, I've made an extra effort lately to hang out with just my kids. What does this mean? I'm with them all day, every day. Every morning I'm with them, and I hang out with them all day long. But usually when we do "fun activities" we are doing them with friends. We go to the zoo with friends, the park, etc. I don't really take a lot of time to do things just the three of us. I think because it's just the three of us so often, that I'm ready for outside interaction.

BUT, I decided last week that we were going to the zoo- just the three of us. It was awesome. Probably our best zoo trip ever. We did whatever we wanted, at whatever pace we wanted. We ate when we wanted to, saw several animals twice (or three times), spent forever "brushing" (kissing) the goats. There was no pressure and it was seriously so perfect. So I made it my goal to do more "fun" things alone. And I've had a blast. I've tried to take lots of pictures, but honestly (and so cheesy I know!), I have made some incredible memories with my kids. We can laugh together and have so much fun. I'm truly so very thankful for my children. I can't wait until we can do more "fun things" together in the future- and I can't wait to see how those things evolve!

Sorry for the super cheese post, but I can't help but be thankful for these precious precious times. God is so good, isn't He?


The Scott Family said...

Your family of four is precious! Wish our families could hang out:).

J & J Brymer said...

this is so sweet... and i'm impressed you took two kids to the zoo alone... tips please?!