Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Own Safari

I love when Daddies have the day off work. I love doing FUN things together as a family, I love having help, and I love getting the opportunity to watch my kids play with and love on their daddy.

This morning we took a fun family trip down to Alvin to Bayou Wildlife Park. It's an "African Safari" right outside of Houston. It took us about an hour to get there (ugh) and sweet little Charley Kate decided she wasn't napping on the way.

So our time there started out a little rough. An overly tired Charley. BUT, we bought two buckets of feed and began our quest for some animal fun!

Giraffes, longhorns, an insane amount of deer/hoofed animals, alligators, llamas, lemurs, a rhino, zebra, a zonkey (zebra-donkey!), donkeys, buffalo, water buffalo, camels, dromedaries, kangaroos... just to name a FEW! Seriously, there were so many animals it was crazy. And Jay knew just about all of them. Even the distinction of water buffalo and wildebeests and dromedaries and greater kudus. Seriously, y'all. This kid knows his stuff.

We did a little looking and a lot of petting zoo fun. We fed what we could and petted even more, and waited for our tram spot.

We loaded on and just about when Anthony and I started thinking this was a waste (the kids were having a blast but we can do a petting zoo and a regular zoo anywhere), it got a LOT better. The tram ride was awesome. Both kids were mesmerized. They loved ALL the different animals to look at (and there were a LOT). They LOVED feeding them out of their buckets and throwing food their way. They loved being up close and Jay really loved being on an "Aprican Safari!"

After the tram ride we rode a horse and loaded up to head home. It was a GREAT trip- totally worth the drive, exhaustion, and lack of food.

Some of the not as fun points- Charley was in a terrible mood (she was a pistol- throwing dirt, fussing when we wouldn't let her carry- and dump- the bucket of food, harassing Jay, not wanting to stay in the tram...), no food there (I only brought a few snacks), Jay being obsessed with not stepping on the poop (that was everywhere), and mommy and daddy not figuring out how to get on the tram.

Honestly, Jay's excitement as he held the bucket and let the GINORMOUS buffalo and the nasty ostrich eat right out of his hands made it totally worth it. Totally.

Love seeing that kid happy.

Huge horns

Loving the goats

 My two- just making themselves one with the goats

The face we got pretty much all day from her  :)

Love this one!

 They totally wouldn't cooperate and pose... Sigh...

On the tram ride!

Divvying up the food! 

Taking off!

Family shot... as good as it gets!

Eek! They get up in there!

Pretty thing...

One of the giraffes

This guy was GIANT. Jay was so brave. 
Mommy was a little scared!

Looking at the zebras


Charley getting brave!

PS- I know his bottom wasn't buckled in. 
This was the last five minutes of our drive in our neighborhood
Get over it. 

She passed out as soon as we got in the car. 

Shout out to Anthony- this was definitely one of "those" days and I couldn't have done this with both of these kids alone. Maybe when they are a little older, but it was so great having Anthony there. I think next time he has a day off of work, he might not take it, though  :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good Example

For the record, I would like to state that I am setting an excellent example for my daughter...

The other day we were playing in her room while Jay napped and I noticed her doing two things EVERY husband will appreciate (excuse picture quality-I had to snap quick!!!)....




Anthony can't accuse me of not teaching her good things! Ha!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Confessions

Charley has worn the same Easter outfit four times in one week. I know that's a lot, but it's PRECIOUS and wasn't super cheap so I wanted to make it worth it. Shockingly I washed it after each time (only because girlfriend gets SO dirty!).

I know FOUR people that are pregnant and due within a week of each other! I don't know what was going on at the end of January, but SOMETHING was exciting!!

I really really hate to admit this, but I have used leftovers as a meal two separate times in the past two weeks. I take pride in the fact that I cook EVERY weeknight. I also hate having the same thing so close together. But between busy schedules and exhausted momma- we've had 'em. Twice. Oops.

Two of my mom friends in Jay's preschool class made cute Easter baggies for the kids in the class. I didn't. Best part is, they told me they were doing it WHILE I WAS SHOPPING AT TARGET- which means I totally could have thrown something together and joined in. But I didn't. Lazy.

I didn't let Charley take a morning nap today because I had too many errands to run while Jay was in school. So awful of me!

I drove 25 minutes to take my kids to a particular Chick-fil-a for lunch yesterday. There is one five minutes from us. But this other one has the BEST indoor playground that both Charley and Jay love (which is hard to accommodate both!). I was so embarrassed how far I went that I didn't even tell my sister/mom/husband for fear they would think I had lost my mind.

I am stressing about how much my family will clash in our (one) family Easter photo on Sunday. Charley is wearing colorful polka dots, Jay in purple plaid/window pane, and me in coral polka dots. Who know what Anthony will throw in the mix, but I DO know our eyes will go nuts when we see a family photo! Oh well...

Jay isn't the overly aggressive, physical kid. Don't get me wrong- he's plenty athletic and strong/physical/talented- but he just doesn't have much of an interest in playing so physical with other kids (wrestling, tackling, chasing, shoving, kicking). This isn't a bad thing, but I know as he gets older the boys will get more physical. So today when we were at lunch with four other boys Jay's age (Charley was the only girl as usual), it pleased me to watch Jay tackle and wrestle with the boys. Then a SWEET little boy from Jay's class showed up. Jay was SO happy to see him. After the initial hello Jay ran off then came back and LAID THE KID OUT. Full body tackle. It was actually perfect form. Once we figured out the kid was ok and I did my parent duty of lecturing, I smiled to myself happily for finally getting to see that side of him. :)

I just emailed Anthony making sure it was ok to make a big-ish purchase off Zulily. He said yes so easily and quickly that I felt guilty for the purchases I made YESTERDAY on Zulily that he hasn't seen yet. Total guilt.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It Came and Went

Another year of rodeo season came and went here in Houston. And I'm not gonna lie- I'm so sad it's over!

We had another super fun year at the rodeo! We ended up going to the shows of Zac Brown Band (our favorite!) and George Strait (our classic favorite!). We saw ZBB with a group of guys and girlfriends/wives that Anthony works with and King George with my best friend and her inlaws in their suite. Both were awesome shows and the groups we were with were so fun!

Plus, my sister Jennifer and I took our littles (I now refer to them as the Three Amigos) during the day. We rode ponies, pet a jillion trillion animals, rode tractors, pretended to be farmers, and ate a TON. It was BUSY and we were exhausted by the end, but the kids had a blast! And let's be honest, what more can you ask for?!


GINORMOUS Cinnamon Roll

Pony Ride!
First time ever!

Seriously, a future vet...

They were STARVED- this was the best I could get while eating!

I'm an honorary Robertson for the night :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Love and Support!

First off, what a fantastic response to my last post Defending the Stay at Home Mom! Please share this with your friends and remind them to read all the comments!

It was so great to hear that other stay at home moms and working moms alike feel the same way! Many of you said it well- that is just called Mom Guilt! We all have it and sometimes it just takes over every part of our lives! I honestly think that means we are tuned into our kids and are constantly thinking about what is best for them/us/our families.

And to the few of you who said you had never felt this way- good for you! You are clearly doing a perfect job and maybe you can give us lessons on how to be so great in life! :)

Honestly, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I think the most important thing that came out of this post for me was the fact that there is support from both sides. I am totally in awe of both working mothers and stay at home moms and how so many can be chipper and happy and loving and creative and good cooks and good wives after working all day or chasing kids all day. What it all boils down to is the fact that it's hard work no matter what- and knowing that there are women out there on both sides that respect the other side is just incredible.

So thank you for sharing!  :)

We had a great weekend of swimming (before it got cold!), Easter Egg hunt, birthday parties, baseball games, dinners with friends, celebrating Tex's 5th birthday, church, playing with neighbors, hanging out with cousins and grandparents, and playing some more. I absolutely love the weekends when Anthony is home and we get to spend all the time in the world together.