Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Confessions

So I'm gonna tone down some of my confessions... I MIGHT have freaked some of you out last week with the whole "Charley drank toilet water from a dirty tissue" one. I guess I'll just confess the more socially acceptable ones from now on... Heh heh ;)

I have left Jay and Charley with babysitters/other people than me a lot recently. After going to a Junior League meeting Monday night, Jay told me he cried and missed me while I was gone (he was with his DAD). I felt so guilty that I let him stay up about an hour later than normal just so we could have some extra hangout time. I LOVED it! Then he was SO cranky the next day... I don't think I loved it that much. Thanks a lot Mom Guilt.

I like Instagram so much more than FB. And both of those are a jillion times better than twitter.

Speaking of, I just unfollowed a LOT of people on Instagram. I feel bad, but then I remember they won't know (or care) so I got over it.

I made two families dinner the other night (both just had new babies). I made the same dish/amount for both families. After I made it and was on my way to deliver the goods, I rechecked the care calendars for them. One didn't like spicy things (and the enchiladas and sautéed peppers definitely had a teeny kick to them) and the other family had two older kids to feed, too (not enough food). I threw in a small pepperoni pizza for the second family and delivered it all anyway. Sorry folks, I honestly did my best!

I needed to exchange pants from target. I went and they didn't have my size. So instead I got a top and a purse and called it a day. I spent way more than the exchange. Oops.

Sometimes when it's close to nap time and we are out and about I will drive around a little extra to get Jay to fall asleep. This is easier than arguing that its time for nap. Homeboy. Argues. Every. Time.

I love monogrammed things. I usually buy really simple things from Target (tshirts, polos, shorts, dresses) and have them monogrammed. What starts out being pretty cheap ends up being a little expensive after monogramming. Oops. Oh well, they won't wear it forever!


Anonymous said...

After last weeks toilet paper incident, I winced and laughed and then...two days ago I cou my 21 month old daughter doing the exact same thing! I am not kidding! I'm potty training my son and we left the toilet open. Mine are usually closed and locked! Lol!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

*caught! Sorry!

Jenni said...

Ahh...don't hold back! You totally made me feel better when I busted Levi standing next to the toilet with wet hands that he put in his mouth. Niiice. Also, I just randomly got an embroidery machine, so maybe I can monogram something for you sometime! (c:

The Torno's said...

Aww man, don't censor your confessions, I like them the way they are :)