Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Confessions

The other day I was getting ready for the day (straightening hair, putting on make-up... a rarity), and both kids were busy playing. When I realized it was a little too quiet, I went to check on Charley. She had dipped her snotty used tissue that she got out of the trash can INTO the toilet and was DRINKING the water by sucking on the tissue!!!!!!!! I almost threw up! I'm so embarrassed to admit that to everyone. GROSS!

I just joined Instagram and it really annoys me how most people use funky usernames (sorry if you are on of them!). But I can't tell who you are as I am scrolling through, and because of that I most likely will not like or comment on your picture. I'm sure you are devastated.

Girls dinner tonight and I'm so excited- I feel guilty for being this excited! But momma needs a night OUT!

I went to get my hair done (some major renovations!) and didn't tell Anthony beforehand. His first question would have been how much (and its $$) and then he would have asked me not to do anything too different. I figure it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?!

I let my hairdresser pick out what we were going to do with my hair. That's trust. Eek!

I haven't worked out much in the past week and a half. I have done relatively well with my eating habits, but I need to get back on the workout train.

I had an endocrinologist appointment last week and they measured my thyroid levels on my meds. It's sad to say, but I was slightly disappointed that they came back normal. I was hoping they would need to up my dosage which would make me lose weight and feel less tired. No such luck.

I heard Tex vomiting on our carpet early this morning. I could have easily gotten up and made him go it outside. Instead I chose to sleep and clean it later. Yes, I know, that's gross.


Robert Moore said...

Thanks for the trust !

The Joiners said...

I'm glad my Instagram username of "amandajoiner" doesn't throw you off too much :)

the blogivers said...

My question is: did Anthony like the new hair?!

GranDeb said...

I am still dying laughing at the first confession!!! Seriously dying laughing.....because I KNOW CHARLEY!!!!!

GranDeb said...

I am still dying laughing at the first confession!!! Seriously dying laughing.....because I KNOW CHARLEY!!!!!

GranDeb said...

Why does it keep repeating my comment??? I'm trying to go back??? Courtneyyyyyyyy?????

The Moriarty Family said...

Oh my goodness, the first one absolutely killed me!!!!! HAHAHAHA! AND the fact that you confess all of the dirtiest things is the best. thing. ever!!!! Keepin' it real, Momma! Love it! Hope you are loving your new hair and enjoyed your girls night- Holla!!! ;)

~Amanda~ said...

I've got you beat! As I was using the bathroom my daughter was getting into trouble... so I quick finished and ran to get her. Came back to the bathroom to flush and wash my hands. I got my hands washed before she was into something again so I left. As I was making dinner things got too quiet (that horrible sound!) and boom it dawned on me... the toilet!! I run to the bathroom and start balling when I realize that she is sucking on used toilet paper!!!!!! I tell ya horrid! I called the dr's office right away and they couldn't even understand me I was crying so hard! LOL, those are the days parenting sucks!