Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Confessions

Another week has flown by... and another week I have done some things I'm not proud of... :)

Today I had to wait for quite a while in my doctor's office and I had Charley with me. She was adorable and yakking it up with everyone in the waiting room. But after 45 minutes I was getting irritated. So I totally took her pacifier away and blanket and she started fussing. And I let her. I figured they would get us back quicker if my baby was fussing. I don't know if that was the reason or not, but we were back in a room in less than five minutes.

I ate 4 Birthday Cake flavored Oreos after dinner last night. And I had two during the day. That'll help me lose weight.

I also might have gone looking to have just one cookie this morning for a snack. I couldn't find them in the pantry. I seriously don't know where they are, but I'm thankful for that. Like, really really thankful.

I made Jay and Charley watch Fox Sports this morning to watch A&M Signing Day. They were really bored and I'm pretty sure Jay was in a terrible whiney mood because of it. I felt bad sending him to school in a mood like that, but I really wanted to see who we were getting.

I like that Charley's birthday is coming up because it has given me the chance to buy a ton of cute clothes "as presents" for her!

I went to Ladies Bible Class yesterday (and left Charley in the nursery) and then took both kids to the gym yesterday afternoon (and left them in the nursery). Charley screamed so loud and so long that they had to come get me. Too much nursery time. I feel awful- she's NEVER done that! :(

While Jay napped yesterday, I let Charley toddle around as I worked on some birthday party stuff for her. At one point I let her go diaperless. I kept a pretty close eye on her and she never had any accidents. As I pushed the time limit of when she would need to go, I put a diaper on her and patted myself on the back for excellent timing and a watchful eye. Jay woke up, we ran some errands (including the gym), and I came home to get dinner on. As I went to the pantry, I saw it. A little pile of poop right on the floor in front of the cabinet. Sick me out. That's what I get for gloating.


the blogivers said...

Mmm... birthday cake flavored Oreos...

Also, I might have to try the trick of letting Davis whine next time I'm waiting on a doctor's appointment and see if it works!

J & J Brymer said...

i know RIGHT where i will be utilizing the letting j whine method in the near future... thanks for that one!

Mindy Rives said...

OMG...the poop pile. That is too funny! And those Oreos are amazing.

Jenni said...

Ummm....I have apparently been blissfully unaware of said Oreos. This could be a problem given I LOVE anything birthday cake flavored. Uh oh!

The Joiners said...

I had 4 cookies this afternoon, so I'm with you on that one. Not that I'm trying to lose weight, but still!

Also, so gross about the poop- is this what I have to look forward to?

The Joiners said...
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