Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Dreaded One Year Appointment

We had Charley's one year check up today!

I always have mixed emotions about these appointments... it's great because I love seeing her growth. I also love getting to check where she's at developmentally and ask all my questions I've been keeping for the past three months :)

However, three shots PLUS getting blood drawn are TOUGH for a baby. Since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a schedule, I stick to it and have the mindset- better to get it all over at once. But man, poor girl was so upset. She just looked at the nurse and at me and it seemed like she was thinking, "Why are you doing this to me!?" Awful.

So the stats are in and Charley's are...

30 inches tall (80%)
19 lbs 9 oz (47%)
17 3/4 in FOC (56%)

As we suspected- long and lean. She can't go wrong if she keeps that up :)  

Bandaged arm while napping on mommy

Still sleepy after nap...
(I don't just wear white socks with my skinny mint jeans for fun- I had boots on!!!)

Midnight bath... Girl was asleep and then woke herself up coughing.
So we took a warm bath to clear the congestion!

She was so sleepy after her bath she grabbed her blankie and snuggled in. 
Sweet pumpkin!

We also had Jay's 2.5 year check up at the same time. I had a couple things to ask about (stuttering, hernia, diet). We actually did his first and then my mom took him with her so he wouldn't have to sit through and be traumatized by Charley's appointment/shots.

He was

3' 1.5" (do they really start feet and inches now?!?!!) tall (91%)
33 lbs (85%)
BMI 16.5 (56%)

He's a BIG boy... and that makes his daddy happy! ;)

On a comparison note for Jay's one year stats, he was
32 inches tall (99%)
22 lbs 15 oz (75%)
FOC 18 inches (39%)

I want to document all things Charley at one year, so I guess that will be yet ANOTHER post... Stay tuned- I know you are on the edge of your seats  :)

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