Monday, February 11, 2013

The After-Party!

One of the best parts about having a breakfast birthday party is that we had the rest of the day FREE! Since it was actually Charley's birthday, that made it SO nice! Nothing to worry about- just time to spend as a family with our sweet little girl!

After the party, Jay was devastated that "all my people weaved me." So, he got my parents and my aunt and uncle to come back to our house. Charley passed out on the way home (party til you drop!). My parents and Jennifer's family and MeeMaw gave Charley a toddler trampoline for her birthday! OMG- best present ever! My kids are obsessed with trampolines, but we don't really need a full size one at this point. My sister found this GREAT trampoline and it was a HIT!

Jay LOVED building it with the big boys (my dad, Anthony, and Uncle Steve). He felt so big and helpful- he was so proud! Jay also took a building break to "fish" with Uncle Steve in our pool. He's all about his new fishing pole- more on that one later!

Meanwhile, the girls were inside with Charley once she woke up playing with her balloons. If I ever run out of ideas on a rainy afternoon, I'm ALL OVER BALLOONS. Kept her busy forever! Genius!

Jay checking out the new present!!

Love this picture of my mom  :)

The boys building

Fishing with Uncle Steve

She and Ella were fighting over the strings! 

 Mid-air jump by Ella. She was leaping HIGH!

Charley would get in the middle of the balloons and walk around the house bumping into things. So funny!

Seeing the trampoline for the first time!

Jumping on the new trampoline (without the safety net!)

 So typical... 

But don't worry- she gets him back  :)

Once everyone left we opened some more presents. Charley knows just what to do  :)   She loved playing with her new toys!

Naps were taken by all (Charley woke up with a runny nose that morning- blah!) and we just got to relax and play!

Anthony and my dad had a church dinner/meeting that night (my mom and I were also supposed to go, but I would have died had I missed any part of my baby girl's first birthday!!), so we took care of the kids while the boys were gone. Pizza and more presents- and lots of snuggle time with Grandeb!

Honestly, Charley's cold got worse as the day progressed, and she crashed pretty early. What a way to end your day  :(

So Sunday morning we woke up VERRRRY early to Charley with a seal cough (croup) and Jay complaining that he had a tummy ache (diarrhea everywhere- through his diaper and pants on the floor). At least we made it through the party the day before! :)

Lots of hanging out and resting all day Sunday for us!

But the birthday weekend wouldn't have been complete without a cupcake for the birthday girl! So Sunday night we trekked it over there and had cupcakes- and sang Happy Birthday about a jillion times (to both kids!), had lots of candles being blown out, and lots of fingers in icing. It was perfect  :)

Jay helped pick out cupcakes- can you tell which ones are for the kids?!

Eye on the prize!


While we were trying to convince her to blow it out, 
Jay did it for us from across the table! 
I was surprised! :)

 Gentle touches to see what this stuff is!

 The jury is out... 

Yes, she likes it. Phew!

Jay was STOKED

Keeping it classy

And as usual- Monkey See Monkey Do!

"We get to sing again?!"
said the girl with the chocolate moustache

More licking


Trying to blow... 

Huh. It went out. 
I love my parents' faces  :)

So thankful to be surrounded with wonderful people who love our baby girl and will let us celebrate for a week straight! From Anthony's family the week before in Dallas, to ending on a Sunday night eating cupcakes on Grandeb and PawPaw's table, you just can't beat it...


the blogivers said...

It's just too bad Charley didn't get ANY love from you guys for her 1st birthday... ;)

Jules said...

What a fun day of celebrating!!!

The Moriarty Family said...

What an awesome birthday week that little girl had! That trampoline seems perfect/awesome!