Monday, February 4, 2013

Reflections on a Rainy Monday

I feel like our life has been on fast forward lately. Hours/days/weeks have been flying by at lightning speed. And our kids are at stages where I swear something new/big happens just about every day!

An update on MY Work in Progress bod.... So I finished the Advocare 24 Day Challenge- and at the end of it I lose 7.5 pounds! I'm so excited about this, y'all! It has been a long time since I have seen this number on the scale (pre-prego Jay). It has been crazy hard to lose any weight- no matter how hard I worked out in the past year. So this Advocare thing was the perfect way to jumpstart my metabolism and get me going! I'm so excited about this and am definitely NOT finished! But after eating well and exercising for three and a half weeks, I honestly feel like I've made a lifestyle change- as opposed to just a diet

I don't believe in diets. Sure, they help you lose a bunch of weight quickly, but can you really sustain a juice only diet? Can you really live the rest of your life without an entire food group (yes, some of you can- you are Paleo/Atkins/Wheat Belly/Vegans)? But I cannot. So, I have cut the bad (mostly- I still had some wedding cake this weekend and indulged in yummy stuff over the last three weeks) and modified it all. I have loaded up on fruits/veggies/lean proteins and haven't even been very tempted with fast food or the majority of bad foods (except bacon. Mmmm, I love bacon). 

Anyway, I definitely feel that I have made eating well and exercising a priority- and clearly it's paying off! :)  

On a Charley update...
My word- that girl! She is fully walking/almost running. She is spunkier than ever and now has three teeth- her bottom left center, then her bottom right (next to the center one!), and finally her bottom right center. She looked hilarious and very hillbilly with a giant space in her teeth! 

She is saying new words just about every day and repeating everything we say (well, trying to of course!). Today she pointed to the shelf where we keep a bowl of Hershey's Kisses and said, "cock-ot"! I kid you not- girlfriend said chocolate today! Ha!!! She also came over when I was changing Jay's diaper and started saying poop over and over which was a new one! 

She actually slept 11 straight hours in her crib with ZERO wakeups last night. First time ever! 7:15-6:15! Go girl! I know tonight it will be another bad night, but I will take the good ones when I can get them! 

I swear she looks 12 here!

She LOVES doing this!

 She loves peppers and hummus...
For now!


And sweet Jay...
Oh this boy just has my heart! He is speaking like a little adult now. Yesterday he said (in absolutely 100% clarity), "Hey Mommy. You please come upstairs with me for just a little bit?" He wanted to play alone with me upstairs. It melted my heart. Of course I said yes :)

He was watching Charley climbing up the play equipment at my parents' house yesterday and said, "Hey Charley! You are climbing great!" It was so sweet. 

I put him to bed last night (he has had some separation anxiety because I left him both nights this weekend for a rehearsal dinner/wedding). We laid there and just talked for a long time- his favorite thing to talk about at night is what Santa brought him. We go over every toy four or five times. Then he requests some songs and we pray. Then it's time to fall asleep. Last night after praying he stopped me and said, "You ask me a question momma?" He just wanted to keep talking! I know it was a stall tactic, but I also know there will be a day when no matter how many questions I ask him, he won't want to talk. So we talked more and more. And I just couldn't get enough of that sweet voice. I LOVE this stage. 

I was so exhausted from the weekend that while I was singing to him I must have fallen asleep mid-song, because I felt him shaking me saying, "You stopped singing momma." Ha! Oops... I also fell asleep rocking Charley at 7:15. 

I was beat.

Jamming with Uncle Mike!

Feeding the Ducks

We had SUCH a fun weekend in Dallas! We stayed with Anthony's sister and his parents came in town. We had good quality time with them and celebrated Charley and Andy's birthdays! Andrea and Mike watched the kids for us both nights which was so sweet of them. I'm pretty sure they will never have kids now  :)

She seems so big here! 
And big brother was on hand to help out... You know, just in case... 

One of Anthony's best friends from college (and our financial advisor- use him if you need one!) got married. I love Lance so much! I was friends with him throughout college and I have always thought of him as my little brother. He is SUCH a great guy and found SUCH a great girl (who was a Chi O at TCU! Yeah!). I am so genuinely happy for them!

It also gave me an excuse to hang out with my best friend, Cara! Her husband was the best man so we were together the whole weekend during wedding stuff. I love Cara so much and miss her like crazy! These kinds of weekends are so good for us to have! We told the husbands they didn't have to hang around us Friday night- it was our date night with each other :)

Oh, and a story from the wedding... I went to the bathroom to... well, you know, go potty.... And while I was going, one of my earring FELL INTO THE TOILET!! No way was I reaching in there, so I just flushed it! Luckily it was cheap, but it was still sad, and then I had no earrings the rest of the night! UGH!

Oh and also, the attire was black and white only- so I wasn't being a big wedding no-no by wearing white- you were supposed to!

The Superbowl was fine- I didn't care about either team. But we did record it (hard to watch while chasing two kids) and went back and watched all of the commercials and half time performance. I LOVED the Budweiser Clydesdale one (I cried!) and the Paul Harvey Farming one. I also loved the Jeep military one. And I'm sure you can guess, but Jay LOVED the Gangnam Style Pistachio one. We have watched it probably 25 times. He loves Gangnam Style and he loves Pistachios. He got such a kick out of the "crack crack crack" part and thought it was hysterical! I got some video of him dancing and singing and screaming to it! Charley danced too- she knows that song means it's time to dance!

Now, it's back to the grind with the start of a new week. So thankful for my life- yes, even on a rainy Monday. 


Jules said...

I loved this update! That's hilarious that Charley said Chocolate!!! Good job girlie! ;) And Jay is so stinkin sweet and smart!
Way to go on losing weight!!! It's been so hard for me to lose the baby weight this time around. Ugh!! I may have to look in to advocare! Happy Tuesday ;)

Jennifer said...

That video is too funny!

The Torno's said...

So glad you're doing well and the kids are adorable :)

Casey Charles said...

Love the video!

The Moriarty Family said...

Congrats on the 24 day challenge! That's so exciting and awesome to be back to "pre-jay" weight. AND that video completes me :)