Friday, February 1, 2013

Puppy Time!

My mom and little sister have puppy fever! After our family dog, Sunny, passed away last summer, my mom has just had a hole in her heart. And Michelle is a newlywed and is nesting nesting nesting.

So, it was time to go look at golden retriever puppies!

We went to the place that we got Tex. The people are so nice and obviously we think the quality of dogs is the BEST!!!!!!!  :)

So we met the newest litter of puppies. Both parents are a really really white color and the puppies were 2.5 weeks old! They had just opened their eyes!

They were ADORABLE- and my mom and sister both picked puppies out! Both girls! I commented on how much the mom of the puppies reminded me of Tex's mom- and the owner told us it was because she was the mom's daughter (aka- Tex's sister!!!!!). So my mom and Michelle are adopting Tex's nieces!

Clearly Uncle Tex is THRILLED and can't wait to wrestle with these girls!

Um, are you kidding me?!
So ridiculously cute!

So the dog on the left is Tex's daddy, 
and the dog on the right is the mom of the litter and Tex's sister!

The daddy of the litter!

My kids loved the puppies, but then got over them after about 5 minutes. So we went outside and threw rocks in a wheelbarrow. Good times!

We can't wait to love on these little girls mid-march! :)

PS- Can I just even tell you how far from puppy-mode I am?! Those things are cute, but thinking of all the work those two are in for makes me want to cry! Ha!!


the blogivers said...

Such cute wittle pups! And I love that your mom and sis are keeping it in the family - you guys have a great family :)

The Joiners said...

Oh my goodness... I'm so excited to be having real babies, but having a few of these babies would be my second preference!!

Jules said...

Wat cute puppies!!

Anonymous said...

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