Sunday, February 10, 2013

PJs at the Park!

I wanted something fun, casual, and pink/purple for Charley's first birthday party. I wanted to take advantage of the fact that her birthday is in February and outside parties are an option (as opposed to Jay's birthday which is in August and outside parties can only be held in or near water!).

So I came up with PJs at the Park. We had been to a Pancakes at the Park party, and a PJs (at someone's house) party, so I just combined those two! It's also a little tough, because being a one year old with an older sibling, Charley doesn't have a lot of friends yet. I didn't want it to be all of Jay's friends and have the big kids take over. I invited a few "friends" of Charley's and their older siblings, and then those who we are close to (good family friends, etc.). 

It was actually a super busy weekend for a lot of people (lots of other parties and lots of traveling for people), but the turnout was just perfect! Not too many, not too few! And it seems everyone meshed really well together! Some church friends, some highschool friends, some current friends, and some family. Just perfect!  :)

The morning couldn't have been any better. It was cool enough to wear long sleeves and pants, and the clouds parted ways for about two hours during the party to reveal the most incredibly beautiful blue sky. By that point it was warm enough for short sleeves. It was like God hit pause on the cloudy/rainy weather so that Miss Charley Kate could have the perfect party! It was a little windy, which put a damper on a few decorating things I had planned, but no one noticed and it turned out just how I wanted it! 


The Party Favor sign is by bags of donut holes and actually says,
"Thanks a HOLE bunch for coming."
NOT "Thanks a-hole for coming"  :)

The only kind of acceptable cake at 9:00 am

Juices, milks, coffees, and drinks!

Fruit kabobs, Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits, sausage/cheese balls, and pink/purple rice krispy balls
Wish I would have gotten a close up  :/

Her photo birthday banner...
Month by month!


Half-decorated tree... It looked way cuter later on :)

The Family :)

All I wanted was a picture of the birthday girl in her cute PJ outfit

Some college friends! 

One of the sweetest pictures ever! 
Her cousin Jake is SO good to her!

Playgroup Friends! 

 Eating a rice krispy pop on the swing

 My little eater :)

Annnd... I'll just take some of yours  :)

My cousin Nicholas and our baby girls- 8 days apart!
This is an awful picture of me :/

Lighting the candle for the "cake" on a windy day was tricky

Singing Happy Birthday!

Blowing out the candle...
Thank you wind for the help!

Getting ready to go to town on the pink donut!


She decided she really wasn't a fan after all.

Jay made up for it- eating only the top of course!

Sweet Norah!

Adorable Cayden!

PawPaw and Charley

Noah and Jay and the bubble machine

Thank you Santa for the present! $$ Well Spent!
How many kids can you fit in a bounce house?!

Charley wanted to figure out the machine!

Grandeb comforting Charley after an unfortunate fireant encounter  :(
Good thing we had a change of clothes!

Church (and real life!) friends- just two weeks apart!

Char can hang wih the boys! 

Love this face... 
A little too high dad!

Best buds!

Better face :)

One of my very favorite pictures...
Auntie Karen is the best!

We are so thankful for the wonderful friends and family members that helped us celebrate our little girl's big day!

I wish I would have taken 100 more pictures- I left so many people out (plus, I didn't want to upload them all at once and totally drive you nuts!!).... 

Next post- MORE pictures... presents, cupcakes, fun!


The Joiners said...

Such a cute idea! I might have to steal this one day :) Allison and I had a breakfast birthday party one year and part of it was a pajama contest where my mom gave out awards for the pajamas people wore... fun times!

the blogivers said...

I agree, such a cute idea! The party Amanda mentioned was one of our all-time faves! Great job, Mama :)

Emily said...

Super cute!! Happy birthday, Charley Kate!!

Jason and Jenny said...

cute, cute,cute! LOVE This idea, you did great mom :)

Brittany Sciba said...

That is the cutest idea!! Love it!

The Torno's said...

How fun :)

Leah said...

So cute! Happy Bday C! Btw- I'm doing pancakes and pajamas for Henry's 3rd bday so I will be stealing some of your ideas. :)