Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Old West...

Ahhh I love this time of year in Houston. The weather is typically PERFECT (sunny days in the 60's), there is a smell of BBQ in the air, and the city takes it back a lot of years to rally around The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

For those of you not from Houston (or Texas for that matter), you might laugh at the thought of people actually riding horses into town with covered wagons. You might think that calling bull riding and mutton bustin' a sport is a joke. And gorging yourself on foods such as fried coke and deep fried bacon is disgusting (ok I agree with that one). But to let yourself think for just a couple weeks that you are a cowboy is a blast!

The rodeo is so much fun in Houston. The actual rodeo sports are a blast and the shows afterwards are always so fun. We plan on going a couple nights this year which I am so excited about!

Last Friday was Go Texan Day. It's where all the different trail rides (there are a ton!) all ride into town and meet up at Memorial Park. I can only imagine the shenanigans that goes on that night at MP. I can remember a LOOOOONG time ago when my mom took us out of school to park on the side of Old Katy and watch the trail riders come in sitting in our suburban. We also rode in the trail ride (part of the way) with The Little Red Riders (what what!) back in the day and participated in the downtown parade. So fun!

So I have taken Jay and Charley each year they've been around. We always go with my sister Jennifer and Jill and it's always so much fun!

Can't wait until next year!!


My sweet cowgirl!

The cousins

My darlings!

The Precious Robertson boys and Jay photobombing!

Love this one! Hilarious!

Why can't my kid pose for pictures like Courtney's kids?!


Love this one...
My cowboy!

While there is no photographic evidence that Charley was there, she was. But she was only 1.5 weeks old, so she stayed in the car :)



kate robinson said...

Where on earth did the columbia A&M toddler boy's shirt come from! LIam totally needs one!!

kate robinson said...

I guess it would help if i gave you my email. robinsonkathryne@aol.com