Friday, February 15, 2013


That Fergie song keeps replying in my head while I'm saying GLAMOROUS....

Our Valentine's Day- less than Glamorous.... But it was perfect :)

I see all these pictures and posts on FB of gorgeous bouquets of roses and yummy dinner destinations. I see big gifts and lots of chocolate. And while all of those things are absolutely incredible, I love my little world... Totally different than what is seen on FB, or in the past for us- but wonderful just the same.

Our Valentine's Day started off Wednesday with Jay's class Valentine's party. I got all these cute bubbles and printed off cards that read, "You BLOW me away, Valentine." But then I realized that wasn't Jay at all. So I picked up some $3.99 box Valentine's... and they were safari animals. And they were 3D/hologram. Jay LOVED them. He chose each one for each friend (classmates and other friends/family). He loved picking certain ones for certain people. Then we stuck the cards in a baggie with an animal he chose and gave those to his classmates. Much more "Jay."

While Jay was having his "Balumtime's Celebrashun" at schoool, Charley and I were galavanting all over. Gymboree, Barnes and Noble, returning some things... I love my little buddy.

I took so many pictures because I am obsessed with her outfit.
Her shirt has hearts on it. And it has ruffles. Love. 

Then we visited my mom for lunch at school. She was subbing for the day and the kids LOVED visiting her and seeing all of the students. It was hysterical- Jay was so painfully shy (as always). He hid behind me or under a desk. Meanwhile, Charley just toddled down hallways and into random classrooms. She would enter and wave her hand and say, "Hiiiiii!" Such a social girl! I love it!

On actual Valentine's Day morning, Anthony woke up to cards from the kids and me and red velvet cookies to snack on at work. I woke up to a sweet card from him :)   If there is one thing that guy can do, it's write a sweet, lovey dovey card...

Meanwhile, my precious Valentines woke up at 5:45 and 7:15. We headed for a special breakfast to get kolaches (none for me!) because both kids devour them. No, I'm not a Pinterest-mom making heart-shaped pancakes. Sue me.

We snuggled and played and ran some errands. We ended up at Grandeb's for lunch and a visit. We brought her cards and flowers and hung out. Of course, when we bought the flowers each kid needed a heart balloon and stuffed animal (Jay an elephant of course and Charley a giraffe- Jay picked it out FOR her....). We met JJ and Jill over there and the kids had lots of good play time!

My Lovies

This is reality folks... 
Jay was being so sweet and actually POSING (never happens!!)
Meanwhile Charley Kate was FURIOUS she had to stop playing to pose... 
But I'm obsessed with her outfit again :)

Picnic Lunch

Nap time for all! I actually got to shower (I figured I should do that since it WAS Valentine's Day!). Just when everything was done around the house (cleaning lady came today- hollah!), I decided I would lay down for a little nap... except Charley woke up from coughing so much. I held her upright for the rest of her nap (another 1.5 hours!). Needless to say I surfed the web quite a bit!

I'm just gonna be totally honest here- I was feeling a little snarky because Anthony didn't mention Valentine's Day at all much until I got a card this morning. I was disappointed that I was going to have to cook dinner again- just like any normal day. I don't ask for a fancy dinner out (especially during the week- and trying to get  a sitter!), or gifts, or anything... but even just the acknowledgement of "What should we do for Valentine's Dinner?" would be awesome. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and I was all irritated. All day.

Anthony must have been catching my vibes, because around 5:15 I got a call from him saying, "Have you started cooking dinner yet? Why don't you let me pick something up?" Good job honey! Better late than never! I can't tell you how happy that one little phrase made me! It totally turned my day around!

So he picked up pizza from our favorite place (which I haven't had in like a month- YUM).

He walked in and called Jay to the back door- where both boys delivered flowers to both of the girls. Jay was SO proud :)  He seriously talked about it the rest of the night... "Hey, mommy. Member when I bring you the flowers and Daddy bring Charley Kate the flowers? Hey mommy. Member that?"

My flowers....
Yes, on top of mail. 

Charley's flowers...
Broken legos around them, and toys all over the background.
Reality people. 

I'm so thankful for a thoughtful husband- thankful that he included his precious daughter and thankful he is teaching his son how to be thoughtful. I'm also thankful that he doesn't spend $150 on a flower arrangement- seriously people- use that elsewhere!!!!

We ate our pizza dinner together, with our store-bought chocolate covered strawberries, in the madness of two shirtless kids (can't stain shirts with pizza sauce!) screaming at the table and laughing like crazy. There were five different elephants eating dinner with us and Tex all over eating the throw-aways from Charley.

While it was totally different than our Valentine's Day celebrations years ago (trips away, fancy dinners, dressing up), this one was one for the books. All three of my loves together and having a blast. So incredibly perfect.

I mean, who wouldn't want to spend their night dancing to Gangnam Style on repeat 5 times?! Family dance party!!! Jay wouldn't have had it any other way- any time Anthony and I would sit down, he'd say, "Mommy/Daddy, please come dance with me please?" How do you say no to THAT?? Charley bootie popped along, too....

Happy Valentine's Day, all... Hope yours was as blessed as mine. Love.


the blogivers said...

Sounds like a great day to me :) And I am loving Charley Kate's cute little V-Day outfit!!

The Torno's said...

Sounds a lot like ours, lots of fun! And we love Gangnam style too, haha

The Moriarty Family said...

Girrrrl- sounds like our valentines day, and wouldn't have wanted it any other way, too! And for real, spend that $$$ else where people! I would name the pics I adore, but as I was scrolling, they were ALL so stinking cute.