Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Charley at a Year

All things Charley at one year....

-Weaned of breastfeeding about two weeks before she turned one. Still takes a bottle of formula/whole milk three times a day (working on it people- don't judge). About 4 oz each time
-Will NOT drink milk or formula out of a sippy. At all. She spits it out. Will down it from a bottle. She loves juice and water from a sippy, but nothing else... Sigh...
-Spunky, feisty personality. Definitely lets you know when she's not happy
-Loves fruit and chocolate the most of anything- she could eat both all day long (girl after my own heart)
-Busy busy busy and physical. I have no doubt she will be an athlete. She has serious hand-eye coordination, awesome fine motor, and really awesome gross motor. We joke all the time she is already super athletic!
-She reminds us a lot of my little sister Michelle- she can play tough and rough and get dirty with the boys, but is so feminine too (love jewelry and purses and shoes!). She loves to eat a LOT but is so thin (I hate them both for this!). We love Auntie Michelle, so we think it's great if she's this way (with her momma's feistiness of course!)
-She also has a LOT of my qualities (definitely stands up for herself and we have no doubt she will NEVER be a doormat), but also some of Anthony's (loves to go to bed early, stays busy throughout the day, and wakes early- always ready and raring to go!)
-Says over 25 words (insanely verbal just like her bro!). Almost every day she is learning a new word. She also babbles a lot in her own language. She signs some things and can absolutely communicate her needs
-Loves loves loves Tex and Ella- and says TEK very clearly and is starting to try to say Ella (but I don't count it as a word yet- it varies)
-She loves babies and balls and animals (dogs at the park, birds on the sidewalk). So funny. I wonder what she will be into (she's not obsessed with animals like her bro!)
-Started using a pacifier ALL THE TIME. In fact, the other day she walked around with three in her hands. Just like Jay! Uh oh!
-Loves people and is super duper social. Loves to be "part" of the conversation. We went to my mom's classroom that she is subbing in at the high school, and Jay was so painfully shy (hid behind me with pappy and blankie) and Charley would just walk into random classrooms, look at the students and say, "Hiiiiiii!" and wave her hand! Hilarious!
-Is turned around in the car and LOVING it (don't post anything about this- law says 1, AAP recommends 2)
-Has three teeth- bottom left, bottom right, and the one next to the bottom right (on the right side). Her right bottom canine is swollen, so I assume that will be poking through soon. Nothing on the left and nothing up top. So so weird!!!!
-Will hop right up with her blankie and pappy when we say it's time for night night (and she always says, Nigh Nigh and bobble (bottle) as she gets ready). This is a CRAZY change for us from Jay who still cries just about every time we tell him it's time for bed!
-Wakes up HAPPY :) and HUNGRY. Just this week I've gone into get her in the mornings and she is doing the sign for food. Poor girl- gets that from her momma!
-Is a snuggler and kisser. I love it so much. Everyone comments on how snuggly she is
-LOVES to "flirt"... she knows how to work her daddy and her PawPaw over big time!
-Loves Gymboree- loves climbing and sliding and balancing on everything. Loves to "dunk" the balls when I lift her to the rim and then likes to hang on it and weave her feet in the net- such a monkey!
-Loves to dance. Girl will drop everything when she hears a beat and start shaking her bootie. I'm obsessed!

Precious girl, you and your brother are our world. You have made our family that much better. We love you!


The Scott Family said...

I feel like her and Cora would be BFF. Minus the walking, they are alike. Love to flirt, on the go, eat (don't like milk), chatty. Fun girls!

Casey Charles said...

Love this post, so sweet!

Jules said...

Such a fun girl! I can't believe she's already 1!!! Crazy!!!

GranDeb said...

That little is just so precious!! Perfect and adorable in every way!!! Love that little gal!! xoxox

The Moriarty Family said...

Charley you are just too precious and SO fun! Love hearing all about your growth over the past year! Girls are going to envy you when you are older you lil long and lean thing!! ;)