Friday, February 22, 2013

C Stat

I hear that's what the cool kids are calling it these days.

In my day we called it the BCS- or Bryan/College Station for those of you NOT in the A&M bubble.

Anthony and I both went to Texas A&M University (whoop!). It holds a very special place in our hearts. We met some of our very best friends there and, more importantly, each other! We love that school/town/community.

Unfortunately, when you have kids, some things get lowered on the priority totem pole. Things like visiting College Station. As much as we'd love to go to football games every weekend, it's just hard to leave your children with someone all day and/or pay a babysitter for that amount of time. And taking two kids two and under to a football game? NO THANK YOU.

Needless to say, Anthony and I hadn't been up in years- and the last time we both got to go (two years ago) we drove to the football stadium and then left after.

We decided to take a day trip. It's a little over an hour from our house and we had nothing else to do. My aunt and uncle have a house there and they let us use it for the afternoon to put the kids down for naps so that we didn't have to rush anything.

It was a perfect plan. The day was so incredibly gorgeous- one of the best weather days yet. It just so happened my little sister Michelle and her husband Scott were going to be there (yes from California!!) for a wedding, AND my best friend Courtney and her boys were going to be there, too! How did we luck out?! And little did we know (until we got there) that it was Aggieland Saturday- a day where potential students and their parents can come check out campus. While that sounds stressful, it was PERFECT for us because there was lots going on around campus that doesn't normally go on. The Corps of Cadets was out and marching. The band was out. Reveille was making her rounds. Parsons Mounted Cavalry was out and the campus was buzzing. It was a dream.

We walked all over campus and stumbled upon thing and after thing. We drove around town and looked at our old hangouts, houses, and favorite places. We visited our old fraternity and sorority houses, ate at our favorite restaurants... Y'all, it was just perfect!

The kids clearly didn't care about any of it (c'mon, I'm not dumb- I knew they wouldn't. This was purely for US). But they were good sports. It made it all worth while when Charley got to see Reveille and Jay got to see the horses in the Cav! Yes!

It was crazy to see how much things have changed and realized how much you forget over 9 years (8 for Ant)! Street names, directions, building locations- I was so cloudy on some things!

It ended up being a perfect day for us. We could have spent another whole day there just tooling around. Unfortunately, I was so busy chasing kids around I hardly took any pictures! Blah!

C Stat- we vow to be back sooner than before! Thanks (once again!) for the memories!


the blogivers said...

WHY DIDN'T YOU GO TO THE CHI O HOUSE?! Gotta start Charley young! ;)

Emily said...

How fun!!! I'm having Aggieland withdrawls and can't wait to take Carson!!

The Torno's said...

Aww I'm jealous! How perfect!

The Joiners said...

Ahh love this- can't wait to take Colby & Clara there in a couple of years! And ditto to what Allison said... you made reference to visiting the soro house so I assume you went, but where is the picture for evidence??

Casey Charles said...

Looks so much fun! I miss it! I have to admit that when I saw your title my first thought was done random kid virus. Sigh. We are old.