Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Confessions

So I'm gonna tone down some of my confessions... I MIGHT have freaked some of you out last week with the whole "Charley drank toilet water from a dirty tissue" one. I guess I'll just confess the more socially acceptable ones from now on... Heh heh ;)

I have left Jay and Charley with babysitters/other people than me a lot recently. After going to a Junior League meeting Monday night, Jay told me he cried and missed me while I was gone (he was with his DAD). I felt so guilty that I let him stay up about an hour later than normal just so we could have some extra hangout time. I LOVED it! Then he was SO cranky the next day... I don't think I loved it that much. Thanks a lot Mom Guilt.

I like Instagram so much more than FB. And both of those are a jillion times better than twitter.

Speaking of, I just unfollowed a LOT of people on Instagram. I feel bad, but then I remember they won't know (or care) so I got over it.

I made two families dinner the other night (both just had new babies). I made the same dish/amount for both families. After I made it and was on my way to deliver the goods, I rechecked the care calendars for them. One didn't like spicy things (and the enchiladas and sautéed peppers definitely had a teeny kick to them) and the other family had two older kids to feed, too (not enough food). I threw in a small pepperoni pizza for the second family and delivered it all anyway. Sorry folks, I honestly did my best!

I needed to exchange pants from target. I went and they didn't have my size. So instead I got a top and a purse and called it a day. I spent way more than the exchange. Oops.

Sometimes when it's close to nap time and we are out and about I will drive around a little extra to get Jay to fall asleep. This is easier than arguing that its time for nap. Homeboy. Argues. Every. Time.

I love monogrammed things. I usually buy really simple things from Target (tshirts, polos, shorts, dresses) and have them monogrammed. What starts out being pretty cheap ends up being a little expensive after monogramming. Oops. Oh well, they won't wear it forever!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Old West...

Ahhh I love this time of year in Houston. The weather is typically PERFECT (sunny days in the 60's), there is a smell of BBQ in the air, and the city takes it back a lot of years to rally around The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

For those of you not from Houston (or Texas for that matter), you might laugh at the thought of people actually riding horses into town with covered wagons. You might think that calling bull riding and mutton bustin' a sport is a joke. And gorging yourself on foods such as fried coke and deep fried bacon is disgusting (ok I agree with that one). But to let yourself think for just a couple weeks that you are a cowboy is a blast!

The rodeo is so much fun in Houston. The actual rodeo sports are a blast and the shows afterwards are always so fun. We plan on going a couple nights this year which I am so excited about!

Last Friday was Go Texan Day. It's where all the different trail rides (there are a ton!) all ride into town and meet up at Memorial Park. I can only imagine the shenanigans that goes on that night at MP. I can remember a LOOOOONG time ago when my mom took us out of school to park on the side of Old Katy and watch the trail riders come in sitting in our suburban. We also rode in the trail ride (part of the way) with The Little Red Riders (what what!) back in the day and participated in the downtown parade. So fun!

So I have taken Jay and Charley each year they've been around. We always go with my sister Jennifer and Jill and it's always so much fun!

Can't wait until next year!!


My sweet cowgirl!

The cousins

My darlings!

The Precious Robertson boys and Jay photobombing!

Love this one! Hilarious!

Why can't my kid pose for pictures like Courtney's kids?!


Love this one...
My cowboy!

While there is no photographic evidence that Charley was there, she was. But she was only 1.5 weeks old, so she stayed in the car :)


Monday, February 25, 2013

Muted Monday

Because I have a lot to say but haven't had one spare second to sit and write a real post, I give you Muted (sort of) Monday.

You should all be jealous of how good I look while getting my hair done. Then be jealous of how awesome I am taking pics of myself in the mirror to send to my sis.

You can't tell how different it is in the pictures, but I LOVE my hair! Subtle ombré and blended natural highlights. My hair guy might be the greatest thing to walk the planet. For real!

Friday, February 22, 2013

C Stat

I hear that's what the cool kids are calling it these days.

In my day we called it the BCS- or Bryan/College Station for those of you NOT in the A&M bubble.

Anthony and I both went to Texas A&M University (whoop!). It holds a very special place in our hearts. We met some of our very best friends there and, more importantly, each other! We love that school/town/community.

Unfortunately, when you have kids, some things get lowered on the priority totem pole. Things like visiting College Station. As much as we'd love to go to football games every weekend, it's just hard to leave your children with someone all day and/or pay a babysitter for that amount of time. And taking two kids two and under to a football game? NO THANK YOU.

Needless to say, Anthony and I hadn't been up in years- and the last time we both got to go (two years ago) we drove to the football stadium and then left after.

We decided to take a day trip. It's a little over an hour from our house and we had nothing else to do. My aunt and uncle have a house there and they let us use it for the afternoon to put the kids down for naps so that we didn't have to rush anything.

It was a perfect plan. The day was so incredibly gorgeous- one of the best weather days yet. It just so happened my little sister Michelle and her husband Scott were going to be there (yes from California!!) for a wedding, AND my best friend Courtney and her boys were going to be there, too! How did we luck out?! And little did we know (until we got there) that it was Aggieland Saturday- a day where potential students and their parents can come check out campus. While that sounds stressful, it was PERFECT for us because there was lots going on around campus that doesn't normally go on. The Corps of Cadets was out and marching. The band was out. Reveille was making her rounds. Parsons Mounted Cavalry was out and the campus was buzzing. It was a dream.

We walked all over campus and stumbled upon thing and after thing. We drove around town and looked at our old hangouts, houses, and favorite places. We visited our old fraternity and sorority houses, ate at our favorite restaurants... Y'all, it was just perfect!

The kids clearly didn't care about any of it (c'mon, I'm not dumb- I knew they wouldn't. This was purely for US). But they were good sports. It made it all worth while when Charley got to see Reveille and Jay got to see the horses in the Cav! Yes!

It was crazy to see how much things have changed and realized how much you forget over 9 years (8 for Ant)! Street names, directions, building locations- I was so cloudy on some things!

It ended up being a perfect day for us. We could have spent another whole day there just tooling around. Unfortunately, I was so busy chasing kids around I hardly took any pictures! Blah!

C Stat- we vow to be back sooner than before! Thanks (once again!) for the memories!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Confessions

The other day I was getting ready for the day (straightening hair, putting on make-up... a rarity), and both kids were busy playing. When I realized it was a little too quiet, I went to check on Charley. She had dipped her snotty used tissue that she got out of the trash can INTO the toilet and was DRINKING the water by sucking on the tissue!!!!!!!! I almost threw up! I'm so embarrassed to admit that to everyone. GROSS!

I just joined Instagram and it really annoys me how most people use funky usernames (sorry if you are on of them!). But I can't tell who you are as I am scrolling through, and because of that I most likely will not like or comment on your picture. I'm sure you are devastated.

Girls dinner tonight and I'm so excited- I feel guilty for being this excited! But momma needs a night OUT!

I went to get my hair done (some major renovations!) and didn't tell Anthony beforehand. His first question would have been how much (and its $$) and then he would have asked me not to do anything too different. I figure it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?!

I let my hairdresser pick out what we were going to do with my hair. That's trust. Eek!

I haven't worked out much in the past week and a half. I have done relatively well with my eating habits, but I need to get back on the workout train.

I had an endocrinologist appointment last week and they measured my thyroid levels on my meds. It's sad to say, but I was slightly disappointed that they came back normal. I was hoping they would need to up my dosage which would make me lose weight and feel less tired. No such luck.

I heard Tex vomiting on our carpet early this morning. I could have easily gotten up and made him go it outside. Instead I chose to sleep and clean it later. Yes, I know, that's gross.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Charley at a Year

All things Charley at one year....

-Weaned of breastfeeding about two weeks before she turned one. Still takes a bottle of formula/whole milk three times a day (working on it people- don't judge). About 4 oz each time
-Will NOT drink milk or formula out of a sippy. At all. She spits it out. Will down it from a bottle. She loves juice and water from a sippy, but nothing else... Sigh...
-Spunky, feisty personality. Definitely lets you know when she's not happy
-Loves fruit and chocolate the most of anything- she could eat both all day long (girl after my own heart)
-Busy busy busy and physical. I have no doubt she will be an athlete. She has serious hand-eye coordination, awesome fine motor, and really awesome gross motor. We joke all the time she is already super athletic!
-She reminds us a lot of my little sister Michelle- she can play tough and rough and get dirty with the boys, but is so feminine too (love jewelry and purses and shoes!). She loves to eat a LOT but is so thin (I hate them both for this!). We love Auntie Michelle, so we think it's great if she's this way (with her momma's feistiness of course!)
-She also has a LOT of my qualities (definitely stands up for herself and we have no doubt she will NEVER be a doormat), but also some of Anthony's (loves to go to bed early, stays busy throughout the day, and wakes early- always ready and raring to go!)
-Says over 25 words (insanely verbal just like her bro!). Almost every day she is learning a new word. She also babbles a lot in her own language. She signs some things and can absolutely communicate her needs
-Loves loves loves Tex and Ella- and says TEK very clearly and is starting to try to say Ella (but I don't count it as a word yet- it varies)
-She loves babies and balls and animals (dogs at the park, birds on the sidewalk). So funny. I wonder what she will be into (she's not obsessed with animals like her bro!)
-Started using a pacifier ALL THE TIME. In fact, the other day she walked around with three in her hands. Just like Jay! Uh oh!
-Loves people and is super duper social. Loves to be "part" of the conversation. We went to my mom's classroom that she is subbing in at the high school, and Jay was so painfully shy (hid behind me with pappy and blankie) and Charley would just walk into random classrooms, look at the students and say, "Hiiiiiii!" and wave her hand! Hilarious!
-Is turned around in the car and LOVING it (don't post anything about this- law says 1, AAP recommends 2)
-Has three teeth- bottom left, bottom right, and the one next to the bottom right (on the right side). Her right bottom canine is swollen, so I assume that will be poking through soon. Nothing on the left and nothing up top. So so weird!!!!
-Will hop right up with her blankie and pappy when we say it's time for night night (and she always says, Nigh Nigh and bobble (bottle) as she gets ready). This is a CRAZY change for us from Jay who still cries just about every time we tell him it's time for bed!
-Wakes up HAPPY :) and HUNGRY. Just this week I've gone into get her in the mornings and she is doing the sign for food. Poor girl- gets that from her momma!
-Is a snuggler and kisser. I love it so much. Everyone comments on how snuggly she is
-LOVES to "flirt"... she knows how to work her daddy and her PawPaw over big time!
-Loves Gymboree- loves climbing and sliding and balancing on everything. Loves to "dunk" the balls when I lift her to the rim and then likes to hang on it and weave her feet in the net- such a monkey!
-Loves to dance. Girl will drop everything when she hears a beat and start shaking her bootie. I'm obsessed!

Precious girl, you and your brother are our world. You have made our family that much better. We love you!

Friday, February 15, 2013


That Fergie song keeps replying in my head while I'm saying GLAMOROUS....

Our Valentine's Day- less than Glamorous.... But it was perfect :)

I see all these pictures and posts on FB of gorgeous bouquets of roses and yummy dinner destinations. I see big gifts and lots of chocolate. And while all of those things are absolutely incredible, I love my little world... Totally different than what is seen on FB, or in the past for us- but wonderful just the same.

Our Valentine's Day started off Wednesday with Jay's class Valentine's party. I got all these cute bubbles and printed off cards that read, "You BLOW me away, Valentine." But then I realized that wasn't Jay at all. So I picked up some $3.99 box Valentine's... and they were safari animals. And they were 3D/hologram. Jay LOVED them. He chose each one for each friend (classmates and other friends/family). He loved picking certain ones for certain people. Then we stuck the cards in a baggie with an animal he chose and gave those to his classmates. Much more "Jay."

While Jay was having his "Balumtime's Celebrashun" at schoool, Charley and I were galavanting all over. Gymboree, Barnes and Noble, returning some things... I love my little buddy.

I took so many pictures because I am obsessed with her outfit.
Her shirt has hearts on it. And it has ruffles. Love. 

Then we visited my mom for lunch at school. She was subbing for the day and the kids LOVED visiting her and seeing all of the students. It was hysterical- Jay was so painfully shy (as always). He hid behind me or under a desk. Meanwhile, Charley just toddled down hallways and into random classrooms. She would enter and wave her hand and say, "Hiiiiii!" Such a social girl! I love it!

On actual Valentine's Day morning, Anthony woke up to cards from the kids and me and red velvet cookies to snack on at work. I woke up to a sweet card from him :)   If there is one thing that guy can do, it's write a sweet, lovey dovey card...

Meanwhile, my precious Valentines woke up at 5:45 and 7:15. We headed for a special breakfast to get kolaches (none for me!) because both kids devour them. No, I'm not a Pinterest-mom making heart-shaped pancakes. Sue me.

We snuggled and played and ran some errands. We ended up at Grandeb's for lunch and a visit. We brought her cards and flowers and hung out. Of course, when we bought the flowers each kid needed a heart balloon and stuffed animal (Jay an elephant of course and Charley a giraffe- Jay picked it out FOR her....). We met JJ and Jill over there and the kids had lots of good play time!

My Lovies

This is reality folks... 
Jay was being so sweet and actually POSING (never happens!!)
Meanwhile Charley Kate was FURIOUS she had to stop playing to pose... 
But I'm obsessed with her outfit again :)

Picnic Lunch

Nap time for all! I actually got to shower (I figured I should do that since it WAS Valentine's Day!). Just when everything was done around the house (cleaning lady came today- hollah!), I decided I would lay down for a little nap... except Charley woke up from coughing so much. I held her upright for the rest of her nap (another 1.5 hours!). Needless to say I surfed the web quite a bit!

I'm just gonna be totally honest here- I was feeling a little snarky because Anthony didn't mention Valentine's Day at all much until I got a card this morning. I was disappointed that I was going to have to cook dinner again- just like any normal day. I don't ask for a fancy dinner out (especially during the week- and trying to get  a sitter!), or gifts, or anything... but even just the acknowledgement of "What should we do for Valentine's Dinner?" would be awesome. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and I was all irritated. All day.

Anthony must have been catching my vibes, because around 5:15 I got a call from him saying, "Have you started cooking dinner yet? Why don't you let me pick something up?" Good job honey! Better late than never! I can't tell you how happy that one little phrase made me! It totally turned my day around!

So he picked up pizza from our favorite place (which I haven't had in like a month- YUM).

He walked in and called Jay to the back door- where both boys delivered flowers to both of the girls. Jay was SO proud :)  He seriously talked about it the rest of the night... "Hey, mommy. Member when I bring you the flowers and Daddy bring Charley Kate the flowers? Hey mommy. Member that?"

My flowers....
Yes, on top of mail. 

Charley's flowers...
Broken legos around them, and toys all over the background.
Reality people. 

I'm so thankful for a thoughtful husband- thankful that he included his precious daughter and thankful he is teaching his son how to be thoughtful. I'm also thankful that he doesn't spend $150 on a flower arrangement- seriously people- use that elsewhere!!!!

We ate our pizza dinner together, with our store-bought chocolate covered strawberries, in the madness of two shirtless kids (can't stain shirts with pizza sauce!) screaming at the table and laughing like crazy. There were five different elephants eating dinner with us and Tex all over eating the throw-aways from Charley.

While it was totally different than our Valentine's Day celebrations years ago (trips away, fancy dinners, dressing up), this one was one for the books. All three of my loves together and having a blast. So incredibly perfect.

I mean, who wouldn't want to spend their night dancing to Gangnam Style on repeat 5 times?! Family dance party!!! Jay wouldn't have had it any other way- any time Anthony and I would sit down, he'd say, "Mommy/Daddy, please come dance with me please?" How do you say no to THAT?? Charley bootie popped along, too....

Happy Valentine's Day, all... Hope yours was as blessed as mine. Love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Dreaded One Year Appointment

We had Charley's one year check up today!

I always have mixed emotions about these appointments... it's great because I love seeing her growth. I also love getting to check where she's at developmentally and ask all my questions I've been keeping for the past three months :)

However, three shots PLUS getting blood drawn are TOUGH for a baby. Since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a schedule, I stick to it and have the mindset- better to get it all over at once. But man, poor girl was so upset. She just looked at the nurse and at me and it seemed like she was thinking, "Why are you doing this to me!?" Awful.

So the stats are in and Charley's are...

30 inches tall (80%)
19 lbs 9 oz (47%)
17 3/4 in FOC (56%)

As we suspected- long and lean. She can't go wrong if she keeps that up :)  

Bandaged arm while napping on mommy

Still sleepy after nap...
(I don't just wear white socks with my skinny mint jeans for fun- I had boots on!!!)

Midnight bath... Girl was asleep and then woke herself up coughing.
So we took a warm bath to clear the congestion!

She was so sleepy after her bath she grabbed her blankie and snuggled in. 
Sweet pumpkin!

We also had Jay's 2.5 year check up at the same time. I had a couple things to ask about (stuttering, hernia, diet). We actually did his first and then my mom took him with her so he wouldn't have to sit through and be traumatized by Charley's appointment/shots.

He was

3' 1.5" (do they really start feet and inches now?!?!!) tall (91%)
33 lbs (85%)
BMI 16.5 (56%)

He's a BIG boy... and that makes his daddy happy! ;)

On a comparison note for Jay's one year stats, he was
32 inches tall (99%)
22 lbs 15 oz (75%)
FOC 18 inches (39%)

I want to document all things Charley at one year, so I guess that will be yet ANOTHER post... Stay tuned- I know you are on the edge of your seats  :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

The After-Party!

One of the best parts about having a breakfast birthday party is that we had the rest of the day FREE! Since it was actually Charley's birthday, that made it SO nice! Nothing to worry about- just time to spend as a family with our sweet little girl!

After the party, Jay was devastated that "all my people weaved me." So, he got my parents and my aunt and uncle to come back to our house. Charley passed out on the way home (party til you drop!). My parents and Jennifer's family and MeeMaw gave Charley a toddler trampoline for her birthday! OMG- best present ever! My kids are obsessed with trampolines, but we don't really need a full size one at this point. My sister found this GREAT trampoline and it was a HIT!

Jay LOVED building it with the big boys (my dad, Anthony, and Uncle Steve). He felt so big and helpful- he was so proud! Jay also took a building break to "fish" with Uncle Steve in our pool. He's all about his new fishing pole- more on that one later!

Meanwhile, the girls were inside with Charley once she woke up playing with her balloons. If I ever run out of ideas on a rainy afternoon, I'm ALL OVER BALLOONS. Kept her busy forever! Genius!

Jay checking out the new present!!

Love this picture of my mom  :)

The boys building

Fishing with Uncle Steve

She and Ella were fighting over the strings! 

 Mid-air jump by Ella. She was leaping HIGH!

Charley would get in the middle of the balloons and walk around the house bumping into things. So funny!

Seeing the trampoline for the first time!

Jumping on the new trampoline (without the safety net!)

 So typical... 

But don't worry- she gets him back  :)

Once everyone left we opened some more presents. Charley knows just what to do  :)   She loved playing with her new toys!

Naps were taken by all (Charley woke up with a runny nose that morning- blah!) and we just got to relax and play!

Anthony and my dad had a church dinner/meeting that night (my mom and I were also supposed to go, but I would have died had I missed any part of my baby girl's first birthday!!), so we took care of the kids while the boys were gone. Pizza and more presents- and lots of snuggle time with Grandeb!

Honestly, Charley's cold got worse as the day progressed, and she crashed pretty early. What a way to end your day  :(

So Sunday morning we woke up VERRRRY early to Charley with a seal cough (croup) and Jay complaining that he had a tummy ache (diarrhea everywhere- through his diaper and pants on the floor). At least we made it through the party the day before! :)

Lots of hanging out and resting all day Sunday for us!

But the birthday weekend wouldn't have been complete without a cupcake for the birthday girl! So Sunday night we trekked it over there and had cupcakes- and sang Happy Birthday about a jillion times (to both kids!), had lots of candles being blown out, and lots of fingers in icing. It was perfect  :)

Jay helped pick out cupcakes- can you tell which ones are for the kids?!

Eye on the prize!


While we were trying to convince her to blow it out, 
Jay did it for us from across the table! 
I was surprised! :)

 Gentle touches to see what this stuff is!

 The jury is out... 

Yes, she likes it. Phew!

Jay was STOKED

Keeping it classy

And as usual- Monkey See Monkey Do!

"We get to sing again?!"
said the girl with the chocolate moustache

More licking


Trying to blow... 

Huh. It went out. 
I love my parents' faces  :)

So thankful to be surrounded with wonderful people who love our baby girl and will let us celebrate for a week straight! From Anthony's family the week before in Dallas, to ending on a Sunday night eating cupcakes on Grandeb and PawPaw's table, you just can't beat it...