Friday, January 18, 2013

Work in Progress

I don't really have anything of importance to write about. Not one topic that just jumps out and says, "Ooooh me! Pick me!" So I will just report on my quest for a new image (the beginning stage) and then some pictures... and leave you to have a great weekend....

Ten days ago Anthony and I started a 10 day Advocare cleanse. I am a little nervous of any cleanse, but my little sister Michelle had done it a couple times and she looks FABULOUS so I thought I had nothing to lose. Nothing but weight of course. :)

The first two-three days were tough. I was hungry. All day long. But you can eat as much fruit/veggies/lean protein that you want, so I did. I actually ate 3 clementines in one sitting. I also had a lot of natural peanut butter and apples, and my share of pistachios/almonds. A few shakes in the morning, a few pills at night, lots of water, and eating healthy. Not too much to ask.

The great thing with this cleanse is that you can actually eat. Hmph. Novel idea. This wasn't a crazy juice only cleanse or grapefruit for five days cleanse. It's a really healthy way to cleanse.

Well, today is day 10 and I feel great! I lost 5 pounds and my appetite is definitely better. My portions at meal time are better (because I weaned myself off of what I thought I needed and what I actually needed). My daily calorie intake is much better, my choices are better, my energy is better. It's truly amazing what that can do for you! I don't even crave desserts or refined carbs at this point- which is amazing. When I do eat a few bites of something unhealthy (c'mon, we all cheat!), it seriously makes me sick. My body doesn't need that.

I've also been very consistent and faithful about working out over the past two weeks. It feels great! I have now started going at night after the kids are down. This takes away any mom guilt I have of leaving my kids at the germy gym. It also allows to try some machines/moves that I would never try during the afternoon when all the people are there! :)  

So, I feel like I'm on my way to a better me!

This really didn't have anything to do with the New Year and resolutions. In fact, this wasn't a resolution. It had A LOT to do with breastfeeding and when I thought I could devote cutting my diet and exercising more. Whenever I did either of those before my minuscule milk supply would plunge. So now that Charley is down to one nursing session a day, I feel better about doing all of this!

I'm definitely a WIP, but I felt like since it's over now I could write some of my progress. Also, if I write it on the blog, then more people read it and know about it. When it's public, if you don't keep it up, then that's just embarrassing  :)

Now, for random pictures of our past week.... Because that's what really makes me happy!

Ha! He will love me for this one day :)

So sad this is blurry. 
Anthony falls asleep putting Jay down just about every night.
I snapped this in the pitch black. 
So so so sweet. 

I'm in trouble with these two... 

I love this picture!!!!
Look at her toes!
She's so excited!

She thinks she's so big!

Charley loves climbing under the car! Yikes!

After some oreos at the park! 

Chillin out watching the TV and iPad at the same time.


Today was the most gorgeous day in Houston!
Perfect for a lunch outside!

I was going to crop this, but I thought the picture of my shadow was hysterical!
I told you I'd been pumping some iron!   ;)


Ashley said...

Go you!

I love the pic of Jay with Charley's bow. I'm guilty of letting Tully run around with Clare's on. He has no idea about boy/girl stuff though!!

the blogivers said...

You go, girl!

michelle roos said...

I love following your blog! Found it off another friend's and yours is one of my faves :) I felt compelled to comment because I too and doing the advocare cleanse and started on their products and am now obsessed. Became a member to get a discount!! lol!

Jenni said...

Good for you!! I know your struggles with the whole breastfeeding issue...I had the same problem. (Did you have it with Jay? I didn't...just the second time around?!) Anyway, then my excuse turned to moving, etc. I have started running and the Virginia hills (mountains) are kicking my arse! Hopefully that means I'll get in shape faster?!

Good luck!!!

Casey Charles said...

Go you!